Rubber Sheeting, Geographic Referencing, Metadata &
Index Creation

LAND INFO has the capability to custom geo-reference a variety of scanned documents:

  • Navigational Charts
  • Soil Maps
  • Geologic Maps
  • Aerial Photography
  • Survey Drawings
  • Legacy Maps

To perform the most accurate georeferencing, the document will need to have some type of geographic coordinate grid. If the map or image does not have a geographic coordinate grid, but has other features that can be geographically located (control points), then a rubber sheet can be performed.

Rubber sheeting is the process of taking a number of control points and matching them with accurate geographic locations. The image is then transformed and can be overlaid with other georeferenced data.

After maps have been geo-referenced, Esri .shp or other vector indexes are created; in addition LAND INFO can create metadata based off the legend/marginalia of the map documents.

Rubber Sheeting, Geographic Referencing example of Brazil

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