Aerial Derived Premium Geodata

The Detail & Accuracy You Require for Optimal 5G RF Planning/Engineering


LAND INFO has been creating geodata solutions for wireless communications since 1996. A pioneer in the use of cutting-edge Object-Based and Artificial Intelligence technologies, we have perfected high-quality models and are scaled to rapidly produce large areas. Our 23 years of experience make us uniquely qualified to create real-world simulations with the accuracy and detail needed for optimal 5G RF planning/engineering.

As the only major provider to extensively use aerial source data, our geodata has unique advantages versus a satellite-only approach:

• Clutter (land use/land cover) generated from higher resolution multispectral imagery, to accurately capture detail and distinguish classes

• 100% leaf-on imagery for the best tree mapping results, including contouring (multiple levels of vector polygons for true 3d tree representation)

• Imagery of large areas (metros and larger) captured over short timeframes gives consistent seasonality for improved classification

• 3d multi-tiered building and contoured tree vectors produced from higher resolution elevation inputs to best simulate real-world fine detail, including small roof features, all with higher accuracy

• Nadir (looking straight down) imagery to map features in complex urban environments

Our total focus on data enables us to couple these technical advantages with competitive pricing. Multiple operators are already using our geodata for 5G rollouts. Contact our experienced wireless applications specialists to learn how we can help contribute to the success of your projects.

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Land Use, Land Cover Classifications Building footprint clutter image

Hudson, New Jersey tree and building vectors attributed with height above ground

5G Network Wireless GIS and map data solutions for the Telecommunications Industry

Fast Forward to 5G- Three-dimensional city models are providing infrastructure intelligence in the race for network coverage.


Please contact LAND INFO to request additional information on our geo-data products and how they can help you bid, plan, design, model and optimize your wireless networks; or to inquire about a specific area of interest.

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