GeoData for Wireless Communications


LAND INFO specializes in providing digital geo-data, on a worldwide basis, to the wireless telecommunications industry.

Data solutions are available for:

• Bid preparation
• Wireless design and modeling
• Site acquisition
• Network operations
• Optimization

  Land Use, Land Cover Classifications clutter image

Available products include:

• DEMs (Digital Elevation Models, also know as 3d Terrain)
• Land Use / Land Cover Classifications (clutter)
• Transportation (Road) Vectors
• DRGs (Digital Raster Graphics)
• Aerial Photography and Satellite Imagery

All products are geo-referenced, and our integrated layers allow you to focus on analysis instead of time-consuming data manipulation.

Regional (smaller scale) and City (larger scale) data bundles are available to support PCS (Personal Communications Services), including GSM, TDMA, CDMA, WLL, 3G and other lower-frequency networks.

Smaller-scale regional data is ideal for large area planning, rural planning and cost-sensitive bid work. These data sets are generally derived from 1:100,000 – 1:250,000 scale topographic maps, and typically include 90-meter (3 arc second) resolution DEMs (Digital Elevation Models), land use clutter, transportation vectors and optionally DRGs (Digital Raster Graphics).

Larger-scale city data is specifically designed to meet the detailed design requirements of wireless networks in major metropolitan areas and transportation corridors. Generally created from 1:10,000 – 1:50,000 source topographic materials and multi-spectral satellite imagery (Landsat or Spot), these data bundles include 30-meter (1 arc second) or higher-resolution DEMs, land-use clutter, transportation vectors and optionally DRGs.

Off-the-shelf digital data availability turn-key wireless data sets (30m DEMs, clutter and road vectors) for hundreds of  cities worldwide coupled with higher-res data (up to 1m urban building models) availability of select areas.

Our Ability to Offer Off-the-Shelf Geo-data Continues to Expand

As a growing number of Telco professionals worldwide select us as their data partner, our ability to offer off-the-shelf geo-data continues to expand. We pride ourselves on high-quality, accurate and precise work; reliable turn-around times; competitive pricing and significant repeat business. By employing industry-leading geo-data solutions, our users enjoy significant competitive advantages in the wireless market-place:

• Save millions of dollars in site-acquisition, infrastructure, construction, drive-testing and administrative costs.
• Lower churn and attract new customers due to superior network performance and greater customer satisfaction.
• Optimize existing networks and quickly build into new areas.


Please contact LAND INFO to request additional information on our geo-data products and how they can help you bid, plan, design, model and optimize your wireless networks; or to inquire about a specific area of interest.