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Providing a Vast Amount of Information at Competitive Prices

Satellite images provide a vast amount of information at competitive prices. New revolutionary technology offers enhanced characteristics such as higher resolution (area represented by a pixel which corresponds to level of detail), native accuracy (the error between an objects position on the image and its real-world position) and bit-depth, as well as rapid delivery, greatly increases the potential number of remote sensing applications.

While there isn’t a text-book definition of “high-res” satellite imagery, for practical purposes it typically means resolution 1m or higher. High-res satellite imagery offer the highest detail and accuracy, it’s usually sold on a per km2 basis where an AOI (Area of Interest) is clipped out of one or more scenes/strips. Imagery can be ordered as a new tasking collection or from archive (if the needed date/image type is in archive with acceptable parameters including cloud-cover.)

Access the links below for detailed information on Pléiades, IKONOS, QuickBird, WorldView-1, WorldView-2, WorldView-3, WorldView-4 & GeoEye-1 satellite imagery products.

WorldView-4 satellite successfully launched November 11, 2016.

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  GeoEye-1 hi res satellite imager
Khalifa Sports City, Doha, Qatar hi res satellite image collected by GeoEye-1 on January 10, 2009. Courtesy of GeoEye

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Satellite Imagery Products
AIRBUS Defence & Space satellite image partner  
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DigitalGlobe satellite imagery

An authorized distributor of both leading high-res commercial satellite operators: LAND INFO is a DigitalGlobe Certified Reseller and an AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE Image Partner. As a Planet Labs/RapidEye Direct Distributor we also offer commercial medium-res imagery, and work with niche satellites such as 21 AT TripleSat, KOMPSAT, EROS and SkySat on an as-needed basis.

Global Satellite Imagery for a Variety of Professional Applications

Developed during the cold war for military uses, professionals worldwide are now able to take advantage of global satellite imagery for a variety of applications:

  • emergency response planning
  • natural disaster recovery
  • homeland defense and national security
  • port and border enforcement
  • counter narcotics
  • airport mapping
  • urban planning and development
  • land use mapping, planning, change detection and zoning administration
  • infrastructure - communications, electricity, natural gas, sewers, water distribution
  • alignments - roadways, canals, pipelines
  • natural resources - forestry, petroleum, mining
  • environmental - watersheds, flood-plains, land cover / vegetation
  • agriculture - precision farming, crop classification
  • commercial / business geography - real estate, tourism, vehicle tracking, industrial espionage
  • visualization / simulation ("Viz / sim")

Our Total Focus on Data
Our total focus on data enables us to help contribute to the success of your projects by providing high-quality mapping and satellite imagery solutions with:

• Competitive Pricing
• Fast Turn-Around Time
• Outstanding Customer Service
• High-Quality Mapping & Satellite Imagery Solutions

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