LAND INFO Corporate Profile: History and Growth


LAND INFO was founded in 1993 and quickly began breaking ground in an otherwise untapped map data marketplace. The company’s revolutionary “Topo on a floppy” product was the first low-cost, mass-market delivery of map sheets as high-quality, geo-referenced, color scans. LAND INFO made a revolutionary agreement with the United States Government in 1995 to color scan and geo-reference all 58,000+ USGS topographic maps, and in 1997 expanded into the international marketplace via an agreement with the Russian government to use Russian Military maps. The company grew tremendously in the international market and now offers one of the world's largest commercial archives of digital topographic map and nautical chart data.

In 2000 "The Mehta Group," a privately-held multi-national, made a strategic investment in LAND INFO and enhanced the company’s offerings by establishing a long-term partnership with a complementary high-tech company located in the Science & Technology Park of Bangalore, India. In 2004 a controlling interest in the assets of LAND INFO was acquired by INTEC Americas Corp., and the company has since grown dramatically in the satellite imagery field, offering not only imagery but also image processing services (ortho-rectification, tonal balancing, mosaic output, pan-sharpening, band manipulation, 16 to 8-bit scaling/DRA, cloud-patching, atmospheric correction, wavelet compression, GPS Ground Control Point target location and accuracy assessment), Vector feature extraction (buildings, roads, hydrology), spectral & object-based classification services (land-use, land-cover, vegetation and impervious surface mapping) and DEMs (Digital Elevation Models).

LAND INFO is a DigitalGlobe Distribution Partner (one of very few companies with its history dating back to the inaugural class of Space Imaging re-sellers in 1998, prior to the launch of IKONOS, and a two time recipient of DigitalGlobe Outstanding Achievement Award), AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE Image Partner, Planet Labs/RapidEye Direct Distributor, SIIS Authorized KOMPSAT Distributor, Authorized Intermap Data Distributor, Authorized Valtus Reseller, USGS Business Partner, Esri Business Partner & USGIF Member.

LAND INFO company growth chart The company is now run by Nick Hubing, the founder of INTEC and a twenty six (26+) year veteran of the geo-technologies industry, together with a team of highly trained and specialized employees, all of whom have prior professional experience in mapping and/or satellite imagery.

The value that LAND INFO brings to our customers is evidenced by a nine (9) year consecutive streak of growth and profitability.

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On behalf of LAND INFO, we look forward to meeting your imagery and map data needs.

Geoff Forbes
Cartographic Products

David Steveley
Imagery & Mapping

Chris Lowe
Classification/Object Based Image Analysis

Ryan Stage
Remote Sensing

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