GIS Abbreviations: Q-S

GIS (Geographic Information System) commonly used terminology abbreviations.

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QA Quality assurance
QA/QC Quality assurance/quality control
QBS Quality-based selection
QC Quality control
QDF Queensland Dept. of Forestry
QDM Queensland Dept. of Mines
Q.H. Quadruple hydrant
QINSy Quality Integrated Navigation System (Quality Positioning Services, Inc.)
QLID Queensland Land Information Directory
QLIS Queensland Land Information Strategy
QLPS Quick-Look Processing System
qm Quadratmeter
QMSoft Qualitative Marketing Software Inc.
QS Quadratic splines
QSL Quarter scan line
QTM Quaternary triangular mesh
QW Quality of water

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r. rechts
R Range; Release; Ruin
R&A OSS Research and Analysis Branch, Office of Strategic Services (U.S.)
RAC Related Accreditation Commission (ABET)
RAD Rapid development application; Rules for Archival Description
RADAR Radio Detecting and Ranging
RADEF Road Administration Data Exchange Format
RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
RAIM Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (GPS)
RALI Resource and Land Information; Resource and Land Investigations (program LIA)
RALS Random access logical subfiles
RAM Random access memory
RAP Regional applications program
RAPID Rapid Application Planning Implementation and Deployment (GeoData Solutions, Inc.)
RAS Remote Analysis Systems
RASC Royal Australian Survey Corps
RASVY Royal Australian Survey Corps
RATP Regie autonome des transports parisiens
RBDS Radio broadcast data system
RBE Rule-Base Engine
RBI River Basin Investigation
RBMS Relational Database Management System
RBV Return Beam Vidicon
RCA Radio Corporation of America
RCC Regional census center
RCH Reach
RCIC Regional Coastal Information Center
RCID Record ID (Identification)
RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
RCS Research Camera System
RCSSMRS Regional Centre for Services in Surveying and Mapping and Remote Sensing (Nairobi)
RCWD Rancho California Water District
R&D Research and development
RDBMS Relational database management system
RDGE Ridge
RDI Resource Data International Inc.
RDS Radio data system
RDTS Research and Development Tracking System (BLM)
RE Royal Engineers (U.K.)
REA Rural Electrification Administration (U.S.)
REAP Regional Environmental Applications Program (N. Dakota)
REC Recompile(d)
RE COMP Recompile
RECOMP Recompilation
RECON Retrospective conversion
REDI Real Estate Data Inc.
REGIS Regional Geographic Information System (Kent County, Mich.)
Reichsb Reichsbahn = National railroad
Reichsbf Reichsbahnhof = National railroad station
RELOS Regional Locator System
RepCode Representation Code
RESCU Remote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit
RESTEC Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan
RET Rotterdamsche Electrische Tram
RETSAM Review, Editing and Tagging Software for Automated Mapping
REU Resources Evaluation Unit (USFS)
Rev Revised
REVPG Revision and Product Generation System
RF Representative fraction; Reef; Radio frequency
RfC Reference concentration
RFPMG Radar Fixed Point Minigraphic
RG Record group
RGB Red-green-blue
Rgbf Rangierbahnhof = Shunting station
RGD Rijks Geologische Dienst (Netherlands)
RGS Royal Geographical Society (U.K.)
RH Regional hydrologist; Relative humidity
RI Rhode Island
R.I. Rhode Island
RIAI Royal Inst. of Architects of Ireland
RICS Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (U.K.)
RIG RETSAM/Intergraph/Giant
RIJP Rijksdienst voor de IJsselmeerpolders (Netherlands)
RIN Realty Information Network
RINEX Receiver Independent Exchange (GPS data format)
RIP Raster Image Processing; Raster Image Processor; Road Inventory Program
RIPS Remote Image Processing System; Remote Information Processing System
RIRT Russian Inst. of Radionavigation and Time
RIS Rapid Imaging Software; Retroreflector in Space
RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer
RKSW Rocks in water
RKW Rock in water
RL Rannsoknastofnun Landbunadarins (Iceland)
RLE Run-length encoded
RM Replacement mapping
RMA Reliability, Maintainability and Availability
RMCA Road Map Collectors of America
RMK R.M. Keddal & Associates, Inc.
RMM Rocky Mountain Mapping Center (USGS)
RMS Root mean square
RMSE Root mean squared error
RMSI Risk Management Solutions Inc.
RMT Remotely measured target
RNRC Renewable Natural Resources Center
RNRF Renewable Natural Resources Foundation
RO Range only
RODOBRAS Comiss~ao Especial construc~ao da Rodovia Belem-Brasilia
ROM Read-Only Memory
ROMANSE Road Management System for Europe
ROMP Regional Observation Monitoring (well) Program
ROP Raster operations processor
R-O-W Right-of-Way
RP Reference point
RPDS Rapids
RPE Regional political ecology
RPF Raster product format
RPID Representation module ID
RPIE Replacement Photographic Image Equipment
RPMIS Real Property Management Information System
RPP RBV Preprocessor
RPU Remote positioning unit
RQA River Quality Assessment
RRDS Reduced Resolution Data Set
RRH Regional Research Hydrologist
R/S Remote sensing
RSAC Remote Sensing Application Center (USFS)
RSAL Remote Sensing Applications Laboratory (Univ. of Washington)
RSC/TAMU Remote Sensing Center/Texas A&M Univ.
RSI Remotely Sensed Imagery; RADARSAT International Remote Sensing Institute (S.Dakota State Univ.)
RSIP Remote Sensing and Image Processing
RSRP Remote Sensing Research Program (Univ. of Calif., Berkeley)
RSRT Resort
RSSC Remote Sensing Science Council
RST Representation Style Table
RSTF Remote Sensing Task Force
RSTN Railroad station
RSV Reservoir
RSVP Resource reservation protocol
RT Radio tower; Real time; Remote terminal
RTA Regional Transport Authority (Illinois)
RTCM Radio Technical Commission for Maritime (format)
RTF Rich Text Format
RT-GPS Real-time Differential GPS
RTK Real-time kinematic; Right-to-Know Network
RTP Real Time Positioning
R&TS Research & Technical Standards
RTSD Royal Thai Survey Dept.
RTSI Routing Technology Software Inc.
RTTK Real Time TurboKinematic (Allen Obsobne Associates)
RTV Raster to vector
RUIN Ruins
RUIS San Diego Regional Urban Information System
RUS Rest of the U.S.
RV Reise- und Verkehrsverlag
R-VIS Reality Visualization
RVP Raster-to-vector processor; Radar Verification Programme

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s. Sculpsit (engraver); sudlich = southern, southerly
S Secret; Store; Suden = south
SA Selected availability; Selective availability; Signal accuracy; Situational awareness; Source acquisition
S&A Sampling and analysis
SAA Southern Appalachian Assessment (GIS database)
SAC Sectional aeronautical chart; Satellite Applications Centre (CSIR)
SACC Spatial Analysis Coordinating Committee
SADIE System at Arizona for Digital Information Extraction
SADL South Australia Dept. of Lands
SADME South Australian Dept. of Mines and Energy
SADR Spatial address
SAE Survey Agro Ekonomi (Indonesia)
SAF Society of American Foresters
SAFOD San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth
SAGA Short Arc Geodetic Adjustment (doppler)
SAGEEP Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems
SAIC Science Applications International Corp.
SaLIS Surveying and Land Information Systems (journal)
SALT Salina
SAM Spatial access methods
SAMAB Southern Appalachian Man and Biosphere (project)
SAMSOG Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia
SANDAG San Diego Association of Governments
SANAIS South African Natural Areas Information System
SAR Synthetic aperture radar
SARM Spatial Auto-Regressive Model
SA/S Source Aquisition Segment
SAST Scientific Assessment and Strategy Team (U.S.)
SAT Small area triangulation
SAW Spill analysis workstation; Surface acoustic wave
SAZU Slovenske Akademije Znanosti in Umetnosti = Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Art
SB Survey of Bangladesh
SBAS School Boundary Analysis System (GeoSpatial Technologies)
SBCDP Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program (U.S.)
SBM Surveys and Mapping Branch (Manitoba)
SBUV Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet (spectrometer)
sc. Sculpsit = engraver
SC South Carolina
S.C. South Carolina
S/C Spacecraft
SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SCAMP Southern California Aerial Mapping Project
SCAN Surface Condition Analyzer (Surface Systems Inc)
SCAR Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
SCB Statistika Centralbyran (Sweden)
SCC Servico de Cartografia e Cadastro (Macao); SoftCopy Catalog (USDMA)
SCCAMA Southern California Computer Aided Mapping Assn.
SCD Source Control Drawing; Specification Control Drawing
SCDOT South Carolina Dept. of Transportation
SCEP Servico Cartografico do Exercito (Portugal)
SCERP Southwest Center for Environmental Research and Policy
SCGIS Sedgwick County (Kans.) GIS Dept.
SCGP Societe Canadienne des Geologique Petroliers
SCGS South Carolina Geological Survey
Sch School
SCH School
Scheit-elst. Scheitelstarke
Schl. Schloss = castle
SCM Supply chair management
SCO State Cartographer's Office (Wisconsin)
SCOOP Schedule Control of Orthophoto Products
SCOPE Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment
SCR Service Cartographique du Rwanda
SCS Soil Conservation Service (USDA)
SCSA Standard Consolidated Statistical Area; Soil Conservation Society of America
SCSD Street Centerline Spatial Dataset
SCSI Small computer system interface
SCSMAC South Carolina State Mapping Advisory Committee
SCSPLS South Carolina Society of Professional Land Surveyors
sct. Sculpsit (engraver)
SCTRAP South Carolina Toxic Risk Atlas Project
sculp. Sculpsit (engraver)
SCWRC South Carolina Water Resources Commission
SD South Dakota
S.D. South Dakota
SDB Spatial data base
SDBMS Spatial database management system
SDE Spatial Database Engine (ESRI)
SDES Spatial Data Exchange Standard
SDG Survey Dept. Ghana
SDGS South Dakota Geological Survey
SDH Spatial data handling
SDI Selected Dissemination of Information
SDL Survey Dept. of Libya
SDLC Synchronous Data-Like Control; System Development Life Cycle
SDMG Direction des Mines et de la Geologie (Senegal)
SDNR State Dept. of Natural Resources
SDOI Spatial Data Organization Information
SDPS Spatial Data Production System
SDRW Societe de Developpement Regional pour la Wallonie
SDS Swaziland Dept. of Surveys; Simplicial data structure
SDSB Satellite Data Services Branch (NOAA)
SDSS Spatial decision support systems
SDTP Spatial data transfer processor
SDTS Spatial Data Transfer Standard
SDUK Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge
SDV Soil Data Viewer (NCRS)
SE Southeast
SEAMS Soil, Environmental, and Agricultural Management System (Univ. of Florida Dept. of Soil and Water)
SEASAT Sea Satellite (U.S.)
SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
SECFT Sociedad Espa~nola de Cartografia, Fotogrametria y Teledeteccion
SECO Surveying Equipment Company (later: SECO Manufacturing)
SEDAC Socioeconomic Data and Application Center
SEDESOL Secretaria de Dessarrollo Social (Mexico)
SEDMS Spatially Enabled Document Management System (Intergraph Corp.)
SEDUE Secretaria de Desarrollo Urbano y Ecologia (Mexico)
SEG Society of Economic Geologists; Society of Exploration Geophysicists
S.E.O.P. Secretaria de Estado de Obras Publicas (Argentina)
SEOS Stationary Earth Orbit Satellite
SEPA State Environmental Protection Agency
SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology
SERIES Satellite Emission Range Inferred Earth Surveying
Servicio Nacional Geologia y Mineria (Chile)

SES Standalone Edit Stations
SESCPF Service d'Etude des Sols et de la Carte Pedalogique de France
SEVIRI Spinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager
SEWUG Southeastern Water Use Group
S.F. San Francisco
SfBWW Senator fur Bau- und Wonungswesen (Berlin)
SFHA Special Flood Hazard Area
SFQL Structured Full-text Query Language
SfSU Senator fur Stadtentwicklung und Umweltschutz (Berlin)
SGA Societe Geoscientifique de l'Atlantique; State Geologic Agencies; Service Geologique de l'Armee (Syria)
SGB Service Geologique Belgique; Servicio geologico de Bolivia
SGCB State Geodesy and Cartography Board (Mongolia)
SGD Solar Geophysical Data (journal); Symbolized Graphic Data; Surveyor General's Dept. (South West Africa)
SGE Servicio Geografico del Ejercito (Spain)
SGG Service Geologique du Gabon
SGpK Schweizerische Geophysikalische Kommission
SGI Servicio Geologico d'Italia; Silicon Graphics workstation
SGK Schweizerische Geologische Kommission
SGL Service Geologique de Luxembourg
SGM Servicio Geografico Militar (Uruguay)
SGML Standard generalized markup language
SGN Servicio Geologico Nacional (Argentina, Nicaragua); Service Geographique National (Laos)
SGS Stanford Geological Survey
SGtK Schweizerische Geotechnische Kommission
SGU Sveriges Geologiska Undersokning; Savezna Geodetska Uprava (Yugoslavia)
SHA State Highway Administration (Maryland)
SHAPE Systematic Horizontol Adjustment of Positional Errors
SHDSL Symmetric High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
SHEF Standard Hydrometeorological Exchange Format
SHIPS Seizmic Hazards Investigation in Puget Sound
SHMP Seizmis Hazard Mapping Program
SHN Servicio de Hidrografia Naval (Argentina)
SHOALS Scanning Hydrographic Operational Airborne LIDAR System (USCE)
SHOL Shoal
SHOM Service Hydrographique et Ocenographique de la Marine (France)
SHORAN Short-range Navigation (system)
SHS Surveyors Historical Society
SI Survey of India; Survey of Israel
SIAC Spatial Information and Analysis Consortium
SIAN Service d'information de l'atlas nationale (Canada)
SIAT Special Image Annotation Tape
SIB Solar Indices Bulletin
SIC Standard Industrial Classification
SICC Surveying Instrumentation and Coordinate Computation
SICO Schonstedt Intstrument Company
SICOM South Australian Spatial Information Committee
SID Scanned Image Data; South Australian Spatial Information Directory
SIF Standard Interchange Format (Intergraph)
SIG Sistemas de informacion geografica; Special interest group
SIGACE Special Interest Group for the Application of CD-ROM in Education
SIGCAT Special Interest Group on CD-ROM Applications & Technology (U.S.)
SIGGRAPH Special Interest Group on Graphics (ACM)
SIGIT Swedish Institute for Geographic Information Technology
SIGLIT Special Interest Group on Library Information Technology (U.S.)
SIGS Solomon Islands Geological Survey
SIGSA Sistemas de Informacion Geografica S.A.
SIM Spatial interaction model
SIP Scanner Interface Processor
SIPES Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists
SIR Shuttle Imaging Radar; Space Imaging Radar (NASA); Surveys, Investigations and Research (USGS)
SIRS Satellite Infrared Spectrometer
SIRU Soils and Irrigation Research Unit (South Africa)
SIS Standard Indexing System (DOD aerial photography); Spatial Information Systems (Computer Aided Development Corp.)
SISMD Solomon Islands Survey and Mapping Div.
SK Survey of Kenya; Slovenska Kartografia
SKV Statens Kartverk (Norway)
s.l. Sine loco = without place (of publication)
SLA Special Libraries Assn.
SLAC Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
SLAGMD Special Libraries Assn. Geography & Map Div.
SLAP Soils Landscape Analysis Project; Supplemental Low Altitude Photography
SLAR Side-Looking Airborne Radar
SLAT Spacecraft Location/Attitude Tape
SLATS Statewide Landcover and Trees Study (Queensland DNR)
SLD Slope-Line Detection
SLD29 Sea Level Datum of 1929
SLF Standard Linear Format
SLG Symbolized Line Graph; Synthetic Line Generation
SLGSD Sri Lanka Geological Survey Dept.
SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol
SLM Structure line model
SLP Slope(s)
SLR Satellite Laser Ranging; Side-looking Radar
SLSD Sri Lanka Survey Dept.
SLSI Society of Land Surveyors of Iowa
SLUPD Swaziland Land Use Planning Dept.
sm Seemeile
SM Survey Manual
SMA Schweizerische Meteorologische Anstalt
SMAC State Mapping Advisory Committee (or Council)
SMART Spatial Mapping Academic Research Tools
SMASCH Specimen Management System for California Herbaria
SMB Surveys and Mapping Branch (Manitoba)
SMC Special Mapping Center
SMCRA surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act
SMD Surveys and Mapping Div. (Tanzania)
SME Softcopy Monoscopic Extraction; Society of Mining Engineers; society for Mining, Metalurgy, and Exploration, Inc.
SMI Surveyors Module International (Firm)
SMIB Surveying and Mapping Inst. of Beijing
SMIMS Single MIM-Based Integrated Mapping System (USBC)
SMIRR Shuttle Multispectral Infrared Radiometer
SMIPS Small Interactive Image Processing System
SMMR Scanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer
SMMT Submilimeter Telescope
SMN Servicio Meteorologico Nacional (Argentina)
SMOW Standard Mead Ocean Water
SMS Synchronous Meteorological Satellite(s)
SMSA Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
S/N Signal-to-Noise Ratio
s.n. Sine nomine = without name (of publisher)
SNARIL Social, Natural, and Agricultural Resources Information Laboratory (Univ. of Kentucky)
SNCF Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer (France)
SND Street Network Database
SNEP Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project
SNF Superior National Forest (Minn.)
SNGM Servicio Nacional de Geologia y Mineria (Chile)
SNI Siemens Nixdorf Information Systems AG
SNID Startnode ID
SNIG Sistema Nacional de Informac~ao Geografica = Portuguese National Infrastructure for Geographic Information
SNLCS Servico Nacional de Levantamento e Conservac~ao de Solos (Brazil)
SNM Square nautical miles
SNR Signal-to-Noise Ratio
SNRIM Subcommittee on Natural Resources
SNT Servicio Nacional de Turismo (Chile)
SNWA Southern Nevada Water Authority
SNWS Southern Nevada Water System
SODEMI Societe pour le Developpement Minier de la Cote d'Ivoire
SOFRATOP Societe Francais de Travaux Topographique et Photogrammetriques
SOHO Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Satellite
SOI Survey of India
SOLE Spatial On-Line Editor (ESRI)
SOM Space Oblique Mercator (projection); Spatial Object Manager (Smallworld)
SONAR Sound Navigation and Ranging
SONATRACH Societe Nationale de Recherches de l'Explorations Mini`eres (Algeria)
SOP Secretaria de Obras Publicas
SORSA Spatially-Oriented Referencing Systems Assn.
SOS Survey Office System
SOWR Sensitivity of Water Resources (global change hydrology program)
SP Survey of Pakistan
SPANS Spatial Analysis System (TYDAC Technologies)
SPARRSO Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organisation
SPB Space Planning Bureau
SPC State Plane Coordinate (system or systems)
SPC RE Survey Production Centre, Royal Engineers (U.K.)
SPCS State Plane Coordinate System(s)
SPDK Sistem Pengurusan Data Kadaster (Malaysia)
SPEK Sistem Pengeshan Kualiti = Quality Assurance System (SPDK)
SPID Sistem Pengurusan Imej Dokumen = Certified Plan Image Database (SPDK)
SPIE Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers
SPIN-2 Space Information-2 Meter Data (Russian Space Agency)
SPIRE Spatial Paradigm for Information Retrieval and Exploration
SPO State Planning Office
SPOEM Special Projects Office for Exploitation Modernization (USDMA)
SPOT Syst`eme Probatoire d'Observation de la Terre (satellite)
SPOTS Standard Programming of Telemetry Systems
SPRI Scott Polar Research Inst. (Univ. of Cambridge)
SPS Stichting Planbureau Suriname; Standard Positioning Service
SP/S Source Preparation Segment
SPT Strathclyde Passenger Transport
SPVEA Superintendencia do Plano de Valorizac o Economica da Amazonia (Brazil)
SQL Standard Query Language; Structured Query language
SRBC Susquehanna River Basin Commission
SRES OP Special Report on Emission Scenarios Open Process
SRF Systematic reconnaissance flights
SRI Spatial Reference Information
SRMB Surveys and Resource Mapping Branch (British Columbia)
SROM Spectro-radiometer for Ocean Monitoring
SRTM Shuttle Radar Toporaphy Mission
SRV Socialist Republic of Vietnam
SSA Seismological Society of America
SSCC SPAWAR Systems Center, Charleston
SSSA Soil Science Society of America
SSD Singapore Survey Dept.; Sudan Survey Dept.
SSDAN Social Science Data Analysis Network (University of Michigan)
SSE South Southeast
SSEW Soil Survey of England and Wales
SSEOP Space Shuttle Observation Project (U.S.)
SSGN Service Geographique National (Senegal)
SSI Surface Systems Inc.
SSK Stereo Softcopy Kit (Intergraph Corp.)
SSMC Silver Spring Metro Center (NOAA)
SSMS Spatial statistical modeling service
SSU Strategic Services Unit (U.S. War Dept.); Secondary sampling unit
SSURGO Soil Survey Geographical (database)
SSW South Southwest
St Saint; Street
STAAC Space and Terrestrial Applications Advisory Committee
STAC State Technology Applications Centers (NASA)
StatsCan Statistics Canada
STATSGO State Geographic Database (U.S.)
Stb. Steinbruch = stone quarry
STC Standard Telephones & Cables PLC; Stanford Technology Corp.
STCB Survey Technician Certification Board (ASCM)
Stde. Stunde = hour
STDM Stadium
STDN Spacecraft Tracking and Data Network
STF Summary tape file
STIBOKA Stichting voor Bodemkartering (Netherlands)
STINASU Stichting Natuurbescherming Suriname
STK Satellite Tool Kit (Analytical Graphics, Inc.)
STM Stream; System test mode; Solid Terrain Modeling; Solid Terrain Modeling, Inc.
STMA Anabranch
STMD Distributary
STMI Intermittent stream
STMM Stream mouth
Str. Strasse = street
STRT Strait
STV Service Topographique (Vanuatu)
SU Standard update; Stanford University
SUC Society of University Cartographers
SUDENE Superintendencia de Desenvolvimento do Nordeste (Brazil)
SuDocs Superintendent of Documents (U.S.)
SUDSS Spatial understanding and decision support system
SUGK Slovak Office of Geodesy and Cartography
SUM Standard update, monoscopic
SUNI Stockholms Universitet Naturgeografiska Institutionen
SUNMAP Dept. of Natural Resources (Queensland) and its earlier names: Dept. of Lands; Division of Information, Dept. of Lands; Dept. of Geographic Information; Dept. of Mapping and Surveying
Sur. Surveyor
SUS Standard update, stereoscopic
SV Space vehicle
SVD Singular Value Decomposition
SVF Simple Vector Format
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
S-VGA Super Video Graphics Array
SVP Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
SW Software; Southwest; Surface water
S/W Software
SWA Super-wide angle
SWAB Southwest Alluvial Basins (project, NM)
SWDC Southwestern Colorado Data Center
SWEMP Southwest Exotic Plant Mapping program
SWG Standards working group
S.W.P.A. Southwest Pacific Area (Allied Forces)
SYCI System Corrected Images
SYMAP Synagraphic Mapping System

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