GIS Abbreviations: M-P

GIS (Geographic Information System) commonly used terminology abbreviations.

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m Meter
m. mittlere
M. Mile; mille (1,000); Mitte
MA Mean annual; Maritime Administration; Massachusetts; Manitoba
MAC Mapping Applications Center; Mineralogical Assn. of Canada; Mapping Advisory Committee
MACA Ministerio de Asuntos Campesinos y Agropecuarios (Bolivia)
MAD Management Areas Database; Metro Area Disaster GIS (Oregon)
MADM Multiple attributes decision-making
MAF Master address file
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (U.K.)
MAFI Magyar Allami Foldtani Intezet = Hungarian Geological Inst.
MAG Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganaderia (Costa Rica, Ecuador)
MAGE Map Authoring and Generalisation Expert
MAGERT Map and Geography Round Table (ALA)
MAGI Maryland Automated Geographic Information System
MAGIC Map and Geographic Information Center (Univ. of Conn. and Univ. of New Mexico); Map and Geospatial Information Collection (Dalhousie University Library)
MAGSAT Magnetic Field Satellite (U.S.)
MALSCE Massachusetts Assn. of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers
MAP Map Analysis Package; Mapping Alliance Program (Space Imaging, Inc.); Market Area Planner (Huff)
MAPA Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentacion (Spain)
MAPCAT Map catalog
MAPDS Ministerio de Agricultura y Pesca, Direccion de Suelos (Uruguay)
MAPIS Map Products Information System
MaPKBS Map Projection Knowledge-based System
MAPPS Management Assn. for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors; Maps, Aerial Photo and Publication System
MAPS Mississippi Assn. of Professional Surveyors; Measurement of Air Pollution from Satellite
M.A.P.S. Microcomputer-based Automated Projection System
MAPSAT Mapping Satellite (U.S.)
MAR Mean annual runoff
MARC Machine Readable Cataloging (LC); Mid-America Remote Sensing Center (Murray State Univ., KY)
MARIS Mississippi Automated Resource Information System
MARLS Missouri Assn. of Registered Land Surveyors; Montana Assn. of Registered Land Surveyors
MAS Millimeterwave Atmospheric Sounder
MASC Map Activity Support Contract
Mass. Massachusetts
Mat-Su Matanuska-Susitna Borough (Alaska)
MAT Medial-axis transformation
MATLAB Matrix Laboratory
MAW Metropolitan area window
mB Millibar
MB Megabyte
MBMG Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology
MBPS Million bits per second
MBR Minimum bounding rectangle
MC Mapping Center
MC&G Mapping, Charting & Geodesy (U.S. Dept. of Defense)
MCAS Marine Corps Air Station
MCD Minor civil division; Major civil division
MCDM Multi-criteria decision-making
MCE Mapping and Charting Establishment (Canada)
MCGA Monochrome/Color Graphics Adapter
McIDAS Map-computer Interactive Data Access System
MCIS Maps and Chart Information System
MCM Mid-continent Mapping Center (USGS)
MCO Mars Climate Orbiter
MCS Master Control Station
Md. Maryland
MD Maryland; Metadata
MDA Monochrome Display Adapter; MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates, Inc.
MDAS Multispectral Data Analysis System (Bendix Corp.)
MDC Div. de la Cartographie (Morocco)
MDD Mineral Deposits Div., Geological Assn. of Canada
MDG Direction de la Geologie (Morroco)
MDGLS Missouri Div. of Geology and Land Survey
MDL Measurement Devices Ltd.; MicroStation Development Language (Bentley Systems)
MDLPP Mason-Dixon Line Preservation Partnership
M.D.M. Mount Diablo Meridian
MDP Master Data Processor
MDR Minimum Data Recorder
MDS Metadata standards; Multi-dimensional scaling
MDSHS Mount Diablo Surveyors Historical Society
MDSD Mono-Digitizer Stereo-Digitizer
MDOT Michigan Dept. of Transportation
MDT Mountain Daylight Time
MDTC Div. de la Topographie et de la Cartographie (Mauritania)
Me. Maine
M.E. Military Engineer; Mining Engineer
ME Maine; Monoscopic Extraction
MECM Miss~ao de Estudos Cartograficos de Macao
MEDEA Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis (U.S.)
MEDS Minimum essential data set
MEGRIN Multipurpose European Ground Related Information Network
mehr-gesch. mehrgeschossig
MEI Maps Etc. Inc.
MEIS Multispectral Electrooptical Imaging Sensor
MEM Ministry of Energy and Minerals (Tanzania)
MEMPR Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (British Columbia)
MENR Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (Trinidad and Tobago)
MEOW Mono-Extraction Orthophoto Workstation
MER Minist`ere de l'Energie et des Ressources (Quebec)
MERES Mineral and Energy Resources Exploration Satellite (Japan)
MERIS Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
MERRA Michigan Energy and Resources Research Association
MESSR Multispectral Electronic Self-Scanning Radiometer
METSAT Meteorological Satellite
MEWS Mono-Extraction Workstation
MFC Map Feature Coding
MFGDP Manual of Federal Geographic Data Products
MFLOPS Million Floating Points Operations Per Second
MFS Maine Forest Service
MGB Mississippi Bureau of Geology
MGE Microstation GIS Environment (Intergraph); Modular GIS Environment
MGG Marine Geology and Geophysics Report
MGIS Micro Geographic Information System
MGS Maine Geological Survey; Maryland Geological Survey; Minnesota Geological Survey; Mars Global Surveyor (satellite)
MGRS Military Grid Reference System
MGSD Michigan Geological Survey Div.
MGSSSR Ministerstvo Geologii SSSR
MH Ministry of Housing (Bahrain)
M.H. Meierhof = dairy farm
MHTD Missouri Highway and Transportation Dept.
MHW Mean High Water
MHz Megahertz
Mi. Mile(s)
MI Michigan; Military Intelligence; Miscellaneous Investigations (map)
MIAS Multispectral Image Analysis System
Mich. Michigan
MIEM Minist`ere de l'Industrie et de Mines (Malagasy Republic)
MIF Main Image File; MapInfo Interchange Format
Mil. Military
MIL Map and Imagery Laboratory (Univ. of Calif., Santa Barbara); Milli-inch (1 thousandth of an in.)
MILSTRIP Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (USDMA)
MILUS Multiple Input Land Use System (JPL software)
MIME MultiPurpose Internet Mail Extension
Min. Minute
Min. E. Mineral Engineer; Mining Engineer
Minn. Minnesota
MIO Map Information Office
MIPS Map and Image Processing System; Million Instructions Per Second; Mini-Image Processing System
MIS Management Information System; Map Information System
MISR Macaulay Institute for Soil Research
Miss. Mississippi
MITE Megapixel Imaging Technology
MITES Miniature Interferometer Terminals for Earth Survey
ML Master Library
MLA Multi-linear array
MLHD Maximum likelihood (decision functions)
MLMIC Minnesota Land Management Information Center
MLMIS Minnesota Land Management Information System
MLRA Major Land Resource Areas
MLTA Maine Land Title Assn.
MLW Mean low water
MMKS Mjetve Mesimore Kulturore e Sportive "Hamid Shijaku" (Albania)
MMOI Mathematical Mode of Inquiry
MMQ Metric Map Questionnaire
MMS Metropolitan Map Series; Minerals Management Service (U.S.); Multi-Mission Modular Spacecraft (U.S.)
MMSD Metric Mapping Support Data
MN Magnetic north; Mine; Minnesota
MNFS Minor frame synchronization
MNS Multi-Navigator System (Brunton)
Mo. Missouri
MO Magnetic-optical disc; Member organization; Missouri; Model orientation
MOA Minute of angle
MODM Multiple objectives decision-making
MODN Module name
MODS Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
MOLDS Inst. for Modernization of Land Data Systems
MOMS Modular Optoelectric Multispectral Scanner
Mont. Montana
M.O.P. Ministerio de Obras Publicas
MOPU Ministerio de Obras Publicas y Urbanismo (Spain)
MoRAP Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership
MOS Marine Observation Satellite; Multispectral Optoelectric Scanner
MOSS Map Overlay and Statistical System
MOST Moving Objects Spatio-Temporal
MOUG Map Online Users Group
MP Measuring point
MPE Map Publishing Environment
MPLIS Multipurpose land information system(s)
Mpls. Minneapolis
MPO Multiproduct operation
MPP Multi-spectral scanner preprocessor
MPRD Modified Proportional Radial Displacement
MPRM Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (Saudi Arabia)
MPWUPH Ministry of Public Works, Urban Planning and Housing (Djibouti)
MR Monoscopic revision
MRAC Musee Royale de l'Afrique Centrale
MRB Missouri River Basin
MRBC Missouri River Basin Commission
MRC Mississippi River Commission; Map Reference Code (USGS)
MRD Mineral Resources Div. (Manitoba); Mineral Resources Dept. (Fiji); McCloud Ranger District
MRDB Mapping Requirements Data Base System
MRI Metadata Reference Information; Mediamark Research Inc.
MRIR Medium Resolution Infrared Radiometer
MRLU Map Reproduction and Liaison Unit
MRMS Maritime Resources Management Service
MRS Multispectral Resource Sampler
MrSID Multiresolution Seamless Image Database
MRSA Major River Systems Analysis
MRSH Marsh
MRWS Monoscopic Revision Workstation
ms. Manuscript
MS Manuscript; Mean seasonal; Milli-second; Microsoft Corp.; Monochromatic Scanner; Mississippi
MSA Metropolitan statistical area; Mineralogical Society of America; Maritime Safety Agency (Japan)
MSC Map Society of California; Mapping Science Committee (NRC)
MSD Mapping support data; Malawi Dept. of Surveys; Mauritius Survey Dept.
MSDO Mapping Support District Office
MS-DOS MicroSoft Disc Operating System
MSE Mean square error
MSEDB Mapping Sciences Education Data Base
MSIA Mapping Sciences Inst., Australia
MSIRI Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Inst.
MSIS Map Separates Information System; Model State Information System
MSL Mean sea level
MSLS Maine Society of Land Surveyors
MSP Multispectral photography
.MSP Microsoft Paint format
MSPE Missouri Society of Professional Engineers
MSPS Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors; Minnesota Society of Professional Surveyors
MSR Minimal Spatial Representation
MSRLS Michigan Society of Registered Land Surveyors
MSS Multispectral Scanner; Maryland Society of Surveyors
MST Mountain Standard Time
MSTS Map Separates Tracking System
MSV Model and Scenario Visualization
Mt. Mount; Mountain; Mont
MT Mountain; Montana
MTA Major Trading Areas (FCC)
MTAE Maden Tetkik ve Arama Enstitutu (Turkey)
MTC Ministerio de Transporte y Comunicaciones (Venezuela)
MTF Modulation transfer function
MTLT Minimum Total Length Triangulation
Mtn. Mountain
MTP MSS Telemetry Processor
MTPE Mission to Planet Earth (NASA)
MTS Mountains; Maine Technical Source
MTSAT Multi-Functional Transport Satellite (Japan)
MTT Mobile Training Teams (USDMA)
MTU Magnetic tape unit
MUID Map Unit ID (Identification)
MUIR Map Unit Interpretations Record (US NRCS)
MURB Minister fur Umwelt, Raumordnung und Bauwesen (Saarland)
MW Megawatt
M.W. Mittelwasser
MWDI Master Water Data Index
MWF Map Window File
MWT Minimum Weight Triangulation
MyCOE My Country, Our Earth

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n. nordlich = northern
N Norden = North
N. North
NA National Archives; National Atlas; Not available; Not applicable
NABGG National Assn. for Black Geologists and Geophysicists
NAC NASA Advisory Council
NACIS North American Cartographic Information Society = Sociedad de Informacion Cartografica Norte Americana
NACo National Assn. of Counties
NACS National Assn. of County Surveyors
NAD North American Datum
NAD 27 North American Datum of 1927
NAD 83 North American Datum of 1983
NADCON North American Datum Conversion
NADEC National Atlas Development Centre (Ghana)
NADO National Assn. of Development Organizations
NAFSMA National Assn. of Flood and Stormwater Management Agencies
NAGT National Assn. of Geoscience Teachers
NAHSC National Automated Highway System Consortium
NAICS North American Industry Classification System
NAIS National Atlas Information Service (Canada)
NALMS North American Lake Management Society
NALS Nevada Assn. of Land Surveyors
NAMCOR National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia
NAP Northern Affairs Program (Canada)
NAPA National Academy of Public Administration
NAPP National Aerial Photography Program (U.S.)
NARA National Archives and Records Administration (U.S.)
NARC National Association of Regional Councils
NARL Naval Arctic Research Laboratory (Barrow, Alaska)
NARS National Archives and Records Service (U.S.)
NARSA National Advanced Remote Sensing Applications Program
NAS National Academy of Sciences (U.S.); National Airspace System (U.S.)
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration (U.S.)
NASBOG National Assn. of State Boards of Geology
NASDA National Space Development Agency (Japan)
NATM New Austrian Tunnelling Method
NATMAP Div. of National Mapping (Australia)
NATMO Indian National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAVD North American Vertical Datum
NAVD 88 North American Vertical Datum 1988
NAVOCEAO Naval Oceanographic Office (U.S.)
NavSol Navigation Solutions LLC
Navtech Navigation Technology Seminars Inc.
NAVTECH Navigation Technologies Corp.
NAWQUA National Water Quality Assessment
NB Narrow band
Nbf Nebenbahnhof
NBFU National Board of Fire Underwriters
Nbg. Nurnberg
NBII National Biological Information Infrastructure
NBMG Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
NBS National Biological Survey (U.S.); National Bureau of Standards (U.S.); National Board of Survey = Maanmittaushallitus (Finland)
NBSM National Bureau of Surveying and Mapping (China)
NBTR Narrow band tape record(s or -er)
NC North Carolina
N.C. North Carolina
NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research (U.S.)
NCARB National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
NCC National Cartographic Centre (Iran)
NCSA National Center for Supercomputer Applications
ND North Dakota
N.D. North Dakota
NCDCDS National Committee for Digital Cartographic Standards (U.S.)
NCDS National Cartographic Data Standard
NCDSB National Cartographic Data Standard Base
NCE North Coast Engineering
NCEE National Council of Engineering Examiners
NCEES National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying
NCGA National Computer Graphics Assn.
NCGE National Council for Geographic Education
NCGIA National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
NC&GS National Charting & Geodetic Survey
NCGS North Carolina Geological Survey
NCIC National Cartographic Information Center (U.S.)
NCITS National Committee for Information Technology Standards (USA)
NCRDS National Coal Resources Data System
NCS National Cartographic Standards
NCSD Nebraska Conservation and Survey Div.
NCSME Service des Mines et de l'Energie (New Caledonia)
NCSS North Carolina Society of Surveyors
ND North Dakota
N-D N-dimensional
NDAR National Directory of Australian Resources
NDCDB National Digital Cartographic Data Base (USGS)
NDCS National Digital Cartographic Standards
NDF Nevada Division of Forestry
NDG Northern Development Group Inc.
NDGPS National Differential GPS Network (U.S.)
NDGS North Dakota Geological Survey
NDL National Digital Library (Library of Congress)
NDLS Nauru Directorate of Lands and Survey
NDNRC Nevada Dept. of Natural Resources and Conservation
NDOT Nevada Dept. of Transportation
NDS National Decision Systems
NDSL Nevada Division of State Lands
NDSPLS North Dakota Society of Professional Land Surveyors
NDVI Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
NE Northeast; Nebraska
Neb. Nebraska
NEAR Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous
NED National Elevation Dataset (earlier sometimes called Database)(USGS)
NEIS National Earthquake Information Service
NEL National Exploitation Laboratory
NEMO North East Map Organization
NEPAN National Environmental Policy Act; National Environmental Protection Act
NERDD Networked Electronic Report & Document Distribution
NES New England Section (ACSM)
NESACSM New England Section ACSM
NESDIS National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service
NESS National Environmental Satellite Service
NESTA National Earth Science Teachers Assn.
NET New Electronic Titles (US GPO)
Nev. Nevada
NEXRAD Next Generation Weather Radar
NF Newfoundland
NFAP National Forest Applications Program
NFDRS National Fire Danger Rating System
NFFL National Forest Fire Laboratory
NFIP National Flood Insurance Program (U.S.)
NFIRA National Flood Insurance Reform Act (U.S.)
Nfld. Newfoundland
NFS National Forest Service (U.S.); National Forest System; Network File System
NFWS National Fish and Wildlife Service (U.S.)
N.G. Nicholas Guerard
NGBN National Gravity Base Net (U.S.)
NGCS National Geodetic and Cartographic Service (Vietnam)
NGDC National Geophysical Data Center (U.S.); National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
NGDF National Geospatial Data Files
NGGI National Greenhouse Gas Inventory (Australia)
NGI National Geography Inst. = Kungnip Chiriwon (S. Korea)
NGIC National Geodetic Information Center
NGMA National Geoscience Mapping Agency (Australia)
NGMBD National Geologic Map Database (USGS)
NGPRP Northern Great Plains Resource Program
NGRI National Geophysical Research Inst. (India)
NGRS National Geodetic Reference System (U.S.)
NGS National Geographic Society (U.S.); National Geodetic Survey (U.S.)
NGSP National Geodetic Satellite Program
NGU Norges Geologiske Undersokelse
NGVD National Geodetic Vertical Datum
NGVD29 National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929
NGWIC National Ground Water Information Center
NH New Hampshire
N.H. New Hampshire; New Haven
NHAP National High Altitude Photography (program)
NHD National Hydrography Dataset (USGS)
NHLSA New Hampshire Land Surveyors Assn.
NHPN National Highway Planning Network (FHWA)
NHS National Highway System; National Height System (US)
NI Natturfraedistofnun Islands
NICMOS Near-Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer
NII National Information Infrastructure
NIIGA Nauchno-Issledovatel'skii Institut Geologii Artiki (U.S.S.R.)
NILS National Integrated Land System (US BLM)
NIMA National Imagery and Mapping Agency (U.S.)
NIMSA National Interest Mapping Service Agreement (UK)
NIPR National Inst. for Polar Research (Japan)
NIS Nationwide Inpatient Sample (AHCPR)
NIST National Inst. of Standards and Technology (U.S.)
NIUA National Inst. of Urban Affairs (India)
NIWAR National Inst. of Water and Atmosphere Ltd. (New Zealand)
NJ New Jersey
N.J. New Jersey
NJDEP New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection
NJDOT New Jersey Dept. of Transportation
NJGIN New Jersey Geographic Information Network
NJGS New Jersey Geological Survey
NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology
NJMapp New Jersey Mapping Assistance Partnership Program
NJSPLS New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors
NJSPS New Jersey Society of Professional Surveyors
NLA National Land Agency (Japan)
NLAPS National Landsat Archive Production Sytem (USGS)
NLCD National Land Cover Dataset (USGS & USEPA)
NLIS National Land Information Service (UK)
NLQ Near-letter quality
NLRB National Level Bibliographic Record
NLUIS Northern Land Use Information Series (Canada)
NM New Mexico
NMAS National Map Accuracy Standard(s)
NMASM New Mexico Assn. of Surveyors and Mappers
NMB National Mapping Bureau (Papua New Guinea)
NMBM&MR New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources
NMC National Map Collection (Canada)
NMCC National Map Collection of Canada
NMD National Mapping Div. (USGS)
NMF Network Mapping Facilities (Firm)
NMFS National Marine Fisheries Service (U.S.)
NMMC National Map Managers Conference
NMP National Mapping Program (USGS)
NNE North northeast
NNSS Navy Navigational Satellite System
NNW North north west
no nordostwarts
NO Nordosten = northeast
N.O. New Orleans
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (U.S.)
NOBS Northern Ohio Bibliographic Society
NOMS Northern Ohio Map Society
NOPPA National Ocean Pollution Protection Act
NORTAD North American Transportation Atlas Data
NOS National Ocean Service (U.S.); National Ocean Survey (U.S.)
NOSC National Oceans Systems Center
NOSS National Oceanographic Satellite System (U.S.)
NP Norsk Polarinstitutt
NPF Norsk Petroleums-forening = Norwegian Petroleum Society
NPIC National Photographic Interpretation Center (U.S.)
NPOC Naval Polar Oceanographic Center (U.S.)
NPR National Performance Review (U.S.)
NPRA National Petroleum Reserve (Alaska)
NPR-A National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska
NPS National Park Service (U.S.); Nonpoint source
Nr. Nummer = number
NRA National Recreation Area
NRC National Research Council; Nuclear Regulatory Commission (U.S.)
NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA)
NRCT National Resources Council of Thailand
NRDD Natural Resources Data Directory (NSW); National Resources Data Directory (Australia)
NRI National Resources Inventory (SCS)
NRIC National Resource Information Centre (Australia)
NRIS National Resource Information System
NRO National Reconnaissance Office (U.S.)
NRS National Reference System (U.S.)
NRSA National Remote Sensing Agency (India)
NRSC National Remote Sensing Centre (U.K.)
NRSL Northern Remote Sensing Laboratory (Univ. of Alaska)
NRWS Narrows
NS Nova Scotia; Not sprinklered
NSA National Security Agency
NSAPI Netscape Server Application Programming Interface
NSB North Slope Borough (Alaska)
NSC National Space Council (U.S.); National Security Council (U.S.); National Society of Cartographers
NSD Nepal Survey Dept.
NSDC National Spatial Data Council (U.S.)
NSDI National Spatial Data Infrastructure; National Spatial Data Information
NSDNR Nova Scotia Dept. of Natural Resources
NSF National Science Foundation (U.S.)
NSGIC National States Geographic Information Council
NSKV Norges Sjokartverk
NSLAB Niedersachsisches Landesamt fur Bodenforschung
NSLVA Niedersachsisches Landesverwaltungsamt
NSN National Satellite Network
NSPE National Society of Professional Engineers
NSPS National Society of Professional Surveyors
NSRFC Nova Scotia Research Foundation Corp.
NSRS National Spatial Reference System (NOAA)
NSS National Soil Survey (Ireland); National Speleological Society; Navigational Safety System
NSSDA National Standard for Spatial Database Accuracy
NSTB National Satellite Test Bed
NSTL National Space Technology Laboratory
NSW New South Wales
NTAD National Transportation Atlas Data (U.S.)
NTD National Topographic Database (OS)
NTDB National Topographic Data Base (Canada)
NTDL Northern Territory Dept. of Lands (Australia)
NTDME Dept. of Mines and Energy (Northern Territory, Australia)
NTF National Transfer Format (U.K.)
NTIS National Technical Information Service (U.S.)
NTM Notice to Mariners
NTPS National Transportation Planning System

National Topographic Series (Canada); National Topographic System (Canada); Navigation Technology Satellite; Nevada Test Site
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board (U.S.)
NUC National Union Catalog
NUC CM National Union Catalog, Cartographic Material
NURE National Uranium Resources Evaluation (program)
NV Nevada
NVCN National Vertical Control Network (U.S.)
nw nordwestlich
NW Northwest; Nordwesten
N.W. Niedrigwasser
NWA National Water Alliance
NWFP North West Frontier Province (Pakistan)
NWI National Wetlands Inventory (USFWS); National Wilderness Inventory (Australia)
NWS National Weather Service (NOAA)
NWSCA National Water and Soil Conservation Authority (New Zealand)
NY New York
N.Y. New York
N.Y.C. New York City
NYPL New York Public Library
NYSAPLS New York State Assn. of Professional Land Surveyors
NYSDOT New York State Dept. of Transportation
NYSDT New York State Dept. of Transportation
NYSGS New York Geological State Geological Survey
NZ New Zealand
N.Z. New Zealand
NZFS New Zealand Forest Service
NZGD New Zealand Geophysics Div.
NZGS New Zealand Geological Survey
NZMG New Zealand Map Grid
NZMS New Zealand Dept. of Lands and Survey
NZOI New Zealand Oceanographic Inst.
NZSB New Zealand Soil Survey

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o ostwarts
O Osten = east
OAB Operational advisory broadcasts
OAC Osterreichischer Automobil Club
OACES Oregon Association of County Engineers and Surveyors
OACH Office of the Assistant Chief Hydrologist
OADCES On-line Aerotriangulation Data Collection and Editing System
OAdW Osterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften
OAMTC Osterreichischer Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touring-Club
OAS Orbit Adjustment Subsystem; Organization of American States
OASIS Oceanic and Atmospheric Scientific Information System
Obj. Objekt
OBM Ontario Basic Mapping Program
OBRP Object representation
OBS Office of Biological Services
OCAP Ohio Capability Analysis Project
OCE Office of the Chief of Engineers
OCH Office of the Chief Hydrologist
OCL Object Constraint Language
OCLC Ohio College Library Center
OCR Optical Character Recognition; Optical Character Reader
OCRS Ontario Centre for Remote Sensing
OCS Office of Cadastral Survey (BLM); Operational Control System; Outer Continental Shelf; Ocean Color Scanner
OCTS Ocean Color and Temperature Scanner
OCX Object Component eXtension
OD Optical disc; Outside diameter
ODBC Operational Database Connectivity
ODE Open development environment
ODF Oregon Dept. of Forestry
ODFW Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
ODGMI Oregon State Dept. of Minerals and Mineral Industries
ODGS Ohio Div. of Geological Survey
ODNR Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources
ODOP Ohio Digital Orthophotography Project
ODOT Ohio Dept. of Transportation
OEEPE Organisation europeene d'etudes en photogrammetrie experimentale
OESA Office of Earth Science Applications
OF Open file; Open-file
Offn. Offnung = aperture, opening
OFIPLAN Oficina de Planificacion Nacional (Costa Rica)
OFR Open file report; Open-file report
OFSS Open-file Services Section
OGC Open GIS Consortium, Inc.
OGDI Open Geospatial Datastore Interface
OGIC Oregon Geographic Information Council
OGIS Open GIS; Office of Geographic Information Systems (New Jersey)
OGRIP Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program
OGS Ontario Geological Survey; Oklahoma Geological Survey
OGW Office of Ground Water
OGWP Office of Ground Water Protection (EPA)
OH Ohio
OHW Office of Hazardous Wastes Hydrology
OIA Office of International Activities
OIG Office of International Geology
OIH Office of International Hydrology
OII European Commission's Open Information Interchange
OILT Oil tank farm
OK Okonomisk kart (Norway); Osterreichische Karte; Oklahoma
OKAGE Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education
OLAP Online analytical processing
OLE Object Linking/Embedding
OLS Operational Line Scan (imaging system); Ordinary Least Squares
OMG Open Management Group
OMNR Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
OMO Other mapping organization
OMTC Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Communications
ON Ontario; Original negative
ONC Operational Navigation Chart
ONERN Oficina Nacional de Evaluacion de Recursos Naturales (Peru)
ONIG Office Nationale de la Geologie (Algeria)
ONPR Office of National Petroleum Reserve (USGS)
Ont. Ontario
OO Object-Orientation
OOPEC Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
OOSI Osterreichisches Ost- und Sudosteuropa-Institut
OPAC Online public access catalog; online patron access catalog
OPCS Office of Population Censuses and Surveys (U.K.)
OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPEDS Outside Plant Engineering Design System (ESRI, Bell South)
OPL Oilfield Publications Limited
OPP Operational Positional Procedure
OPR Office of Planning and Research
OPS Optical sensor(s)
OPUS Online Positioning User Service (US NGS)
OR Oregon
ORMAP Oregon Map (organization)
OQ Orthophoto quadrangle
ORBIMAGE Orbital Imaging Corp.
Ore. Oregon
ORH Office of the Regional Hydrologist
ORID Ortho Rectified Image Data
ORRH Office of the Regional Research Hydrologist
ORSER Office for Remote Sensing of Earth Resources (Penn. State Univ.)
ORSTOM Office de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique Outre Mer
OS Ordnance Survey (U.K.); Object space; Operating System
OSBEELS Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying
OSCAR Online Satellite Catalog and Request System (NOAA)
OSD Overseas Surveys Directorate (U.K.); Office of the Secretary of Defense (U.S.); On-screen display
OSDA Oregon State Dept. of Agriculture
OSEC Ocean Systems Engineering Corp.
OSECO Ogden Surveying Equipment Company
OSEDA Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis (Missouri)
OSFD Oregon State Forestry Dept.
OSGB Ordnance Survey (U.K.)
OSI Open Systems Interconnect model; Open Systems Interconnection
OSIP Operational Satellite Improvement Program
OSLS Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors
OSM Office of Surface Mining
OSNI Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland
OSOA Optimal Statistical Objective Analysis
OSP Office of State Planning
OSPE Ohio Society of Professional Engineers
OSS Office of Strategic Services (U.S.)
OSSI Optronic Sensor for Stereo Imagery
OSTA Office of Space and Terrestrial Applications (NASA)
OSTF Ordnance Survey Transfer Format
OSTZ Osterreichisches Statistisches Zentralamt
OSU Oregon State University
OSW Office of Saline Water; Office of Surface Water
OTA Office of Technology Assessment
OTC Over-the-counter; Office for Topography and Cartography (Tunisia)
OTF On-the-fly
OTH Over the horizon
OTHT Over the horizon targeting
O.U. Open under
OUCLS Ontario Universities' Library Cooperative System
OUO Official use only
OVN Optical visible near-infrared
OW Oil well
OWDC Office of Water Data Coordination
OWRD Oregon Water Resources Dept.
OWRR Office of Water Resources and Research
OWRT Office of Water Research and Technology

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P Precision
Pa. Pennsylvania
PA Pennsylvania
PAA Priority abatement areas
PAAD Program Acronyms, Abbreviations and Definitions
PAC Public Archives of Canada; Photo Annotation/Classification; Publications Advisory Committee (WAML)
PACOG Pueblo Area Council of Governments
PACON Pacific Congress on Marine Science and Technology
PAD Position Aware Device
PADCO Planning and Development Cooperative International
PAGES Program for the Adjustment of GPS Ephemeris (NGS)
PAGIS Planning and Geographic Information Systems (Hawaii); Pulaski (County, Ark.) Area Geographic Information System
PAIGH Pan-American Inst. of Geography and History
PAL Prime agricultural lands
PALIS Ponds and Lakes Information System
PAM Port-A-Meter; Point access methods
PAN Polska Akademia Nauk
PAPS Pooled Analytical Plotter System
PARC Palo Alto Research Center (Calif.)
PAS Pacific Aerial Surveys
PASDA Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access system
PASP Planning and Analysis Section
PASS Precision Aerial Survey System (3Di)
PAT Polygon Attribute Table
PAVE Package for Analysis and Visualization of Environmental Data
Pbf Personenbahnhof = Passenger railway station
PBM Portable Bitmap (format)
PBO Performance-based organization
PBS Primary Base Series (USFS)
PC Personal Computer; Principal components
PCC Professional competency credit; Program for Cooperative Cataloging (Library of Congress)
PC-DOS Personal Computer-Disc Operating System
PCGN Permanent Committee on Geographical Names for British Official Use
PCH Professional competency hour
PCLI Independent political entity (republic)
P-Code Precise code; Protected code
PCS POS Computer System
.PCX PC Paintbrush Export Format
PD Precision digitizing; Publications Div. (USGS)
PDA Personal digital assistant; Portable data access
P&DC Printing & Distribution Center
PDEP Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Projection
PDF Platform Data File; Portable Document Format
PDH Professional development hour
PDL Page Description Language; Positioning Data Link (Pacific Crest Corp.)
PDQ Public Data Queries, Inc.
PDR Preliminary Design Review (U.S. government)
PDS Photogrammetric Data Services
PDT Pacific Daylight Time; Precision digitizing table; Pliable Display Technology
PDU Professional development unit
PDWS Precision digitizing workstation
P.E. Photogrammetric Engineer; Professional Engineer
PECG Professional Engineers in California Government
PEN Peninsula
Penn. Pennsylvania
Pers. Personen
PE&RS Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing (journal)
PES Post enumeration survey
Pf. Pfeiler
PFAS Pennsylvania Facility Analysis System (PDEP)
PFLP Point-feature label placement
PGM Permanent ground monument
.PGM Portable Graymap (format)
PGML Precision Graphics Markup Language
PG/S Product Generation Segment
P.H. Power house
PHC Probable hydrologic consequences
PHIGS Programmer Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System
Phillips Phillips, P.L. List of Geographical Atlases in the Library of Congress
PHODIS Photogrammetric Image Processing System (Carl Zeiss Inc.)
PI Pseudo intelligence; Photo interpretation
PIC Public Information Center
.PIC Lotus 1-2-3 Picture Format
PICA Project Integrated Catalogue Automation
PICG Programme International de Correlation Geologique
PID Photoionization detector; Permanent station identifier
PIDL Polygon ID left
PIDR Polygon ID right
PIER Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk
PIG Panstwowy Instytut Geologiczny (Poland)
PIN Parcel identification number
PIO Public Inquiries Office (USGS)
PIOS Polygon Information Overlay System (ESRI)
Pixel Picture element
PK Peak
PKM Penyiasatan Kajimbumi Malaysia; Professional Kansas Mapper
PKS Peaks
PL Programming language; Public law
PLAT Plateau
PLF Point Location File
PLGR Precision lightweight GPS receiver
PLN Plain
PLOT Plotting (software)
PLS Professional Land Surveyor
PLSC Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado
PLSO Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon; Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio
PLSS Public Land Survey System (U.S.)
PMA Production and Marketing Administration (USDA)
PM/S Production Management Segment
PMSA Primary metropolitan statistical area
PMT Positive media transfer; Photomultiplier tube
PND Pond
PNDI Intermittent pond
.PNG Portable Network Graphics (format)
PNRC Pacific Northwest Regional Commission
PNDS Ponds
PNRS Preliminary Natural Resources Survey
PNW Pacific Northwest
PO Photogrammetric Operations; Post office
P&O Plans & Operations
POAM Polar Ozone and Aerosol Measurement
POC Point of contact; Point of control
POES Polar-Orbiting Satellites (NOAA)
POLYID Polygon identification number
POS Point-of-scale; Position orientation systems
POS LV 220 Position and Orientation System for Land Vehicles 220 (Applanix)
POSIX Portable Operating System Interface for Computer Environments (UNIX)
POTS Pan-only Triangulation System
PP Proof plot; Proof plotter
PPB Parts per billion
PPC Pocket PC
PPDB Point Positioning Data Base
PPGIS Public participation GIS
PPL Populated place
PPM Portable Pixelmap (format)
PPMS Photogrammetry Production Monitoring System
PPNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PPNM Pengarah Pemetaan Negara, Malaysia
PPP Point-to-point (protocol account, for email connections)
PPPG Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Geologi
PPS Precise Positioning Service; Photographic Processing System
PPSS Precise Positioning Service Security Module
PPWK Panstwowe Przedsiebiorstwo Wydawnictw Kartograficznych (Poland)
PQ Province Quebec
PR Photo revision; Precipitation Radar; Pattern recognition; Puerto Rico
PRF Point response function
PRIM Primary Map (inventory)
PRO Public Record Office (U.K.)
PROSIX Production System (USGS)
PROSYS Production System--UNIX (USGS)
PS Plot Services; Point source; PostScript; Paleontological Society; Polar stereographic (projection); Professional Surveyor (journal)
PSA Paciulli, Simmons & Associates Ltd.
PSAN Professional Surveyors Assn. of Nebraska
PSCOG Puget Sound Council of Governments
PSD Perceived spatial dispersions; Programme des services de depot (Canada)
PSI Planning Systems, Inc.
PSLS Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors
PSMA Professional Services Management Assn.
PSSC Public Service Satellite Corp.
PST Pacific Standard Time
PSU Primary sampling unit
PT Point
PTC Positive train control
Pts. Points
PUBGRF90 TIGER Geographic Reference File Names, 1990
PUG Petroleum Users Group (ESRI)
PUMA Public Use Microdata Area (USBC)
PUMS Public Use Micro-Data Sample
PURL Persistent URL software
PVT Position, Velocity and Time

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