GIS Abbreviations: E-H

GIS (Geographic Information System) commonly used terminology abbreviations.

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E East; Electronic; Elevator (open); Einwohner = inhabitant
EA Environmental assessment
EAC Engineering Accreditation Commission (ABET)
EAF East African Force (UK)
EAFS Effective Aerial Film Speed
EAOS Environment Australia Online Service
EAP Environmental Affairs Program
Earthsat Earth Satellite Corp.
EAS-E Engineering and Survey-Exchange
EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
EBR Electron Beam Recorder
EBRPD East Bay Regional Park District (California)
EBX Electronic book exchange
ECAI Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
ECDIS Electronic Chart Display and Information System (U.S.)
ECE E. Coyote Enterprises
ECEF EarthCentered EarthFixed
ECI Election Commission of India
Ed. Editor; edition
ED Elevation data; Enumeration district
E.D. Eastern District
EDA Electronic design automation; Exploratory data analysis
EDC EROS Data Center (LIA); Electronic digital computer; Environmental Data Center (California)
EDD Environmental Data Directory (Australia)
EDGE Energy Data Geographical Explorer (Petroconsultants, Inc.)
EDI Electronic Data Interchange; Electronic Devices Inc.
EDIES EROS Digital Image Enhancement Systems
EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport
EDINA Edinburgh Data and Information Access
EDIPS EROS Digital Image Processing System
EDIS Environmental Data and Information Service; Electrical Distribution Information System (Santee Cooper)
EDITOR ERTS Data Interpretation and Tenex Operations Recorder
EDM Electronic distance measurement; Electronic distance meter
EDMAS Environmental Dose Modeling and Analysis System
EDMI Electronic distance measuring instrument(s)
EDMS Electronic document management system(s)
EDP Electronic data processing
EDS Electronic Data Systems Corp.; Engineering Design System; Environmental Data Service (NOAA)
EDT Eastern Daylight Time
EEC European Economic Community
EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone
E.F. Eisenbahnfaehre
EGA Enhanced Graphics Adaptor
EGII European Geographic Information Infrastructure
EGIS European GIS
EGNOS European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
EGS European Geophysical Society; Economic geology series
EGSMA Geological Survey and Mining Authority (Egypt)
EHS Extremely hazardous materials
EIGS Ethiopian Inst. of Geological Survey
EIM Environmental information management
eingesch. eingeschossig
eis. eisern = iron
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
Eisb. Brck. Eisenbahnbrucke = Railroad bridge
EIWG Earth Imaging Working Group
ELC End of line code
ELMO Electronic Map Ordering
El.W. Elektrizitatswerk = electric power station
EM Electromagnetic
E.M. Mining Engineer
EMA Environmental Management Agency; Ethopian Mapping Authority
EMAIL Electronic Mail
EMAP Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (U.S. EPA)
EMC Eastern Mapping Center (USGS)
EMIP European Market for Infrastructural Projects
EMPS Elevation Matrix Processing System
EMR Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources Canada; Electromagnetic radiation
EMS Electromagnetic spectrum
E.N.E. East-northeast
Eng. Dept. Engineering Dept.; Dept. of Engineers
Engr. Bn. Engineer Battalion
ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
ENID Endnote ID
ENSG Ecole Nationale des Sciences Geographiques
ENTR Entrance
entw. Entworfen = Drawn
entworf. Entworfen = Drawn
ENVISAT Environmental Satellite
EO Earth observation
EOCAP Earth Observations Commercial Applications Program
EODMS Earth Observations Data Management Systems
EOF End of File
EOS Earth Observing System; Greek National Mountaineering Assn.
EOSAT Earth Observation Satellite (Company)
EOSDIS Earth Observing System Data and Information System
EOT End of Text
EOTD Enhanced observed time difference
EP End Point
EPA Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.)
EPB Earth Physics Branch (Canada)
EPI Electronic Position Indicator
EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
EPS Encapsulated PostScript
ERBS Earth Radiation Budget Satellite
ERCE Groupe d'Etudes de Recherches Critiques d'Espace (Universite du Quebec, Montreal)
ERDAS Earth Resources Data Analysis System
ERDC Earth Resources Data Center (ERIM); Engineer Research and Development Center (USACE)
ERDL Engineer Research and Development Laboratories
EREP Earth Resources Experiment Package (Skylab)
ERIM Environmental Research Inst. of Michigan
ERIN Earth Resources Information Network; Environmental Resource Information Network (Australia)
ERIS Earth Resources Inventory System; Earth Resources Infomation System
ERL Environmental Research Laboratories (NOAA); Earth Resources Laboratory (NASA)
ERLAS Earth Resources Laboratory Application Software
ERM Earth Resource Mapping (Firm)
EROS Earth Resources Observation Satellite; Earth Resources Observation System
ERP Enterprise resource planning
ERRSAC Eastern Regional Remote Sensing Applications Center (NASA)
ERS Earth Remote Sensing (satellite)
ERSAC Environmental Remote Sensing Applications Centre (United Arab Emirates)
ERSAL Environmental Remote Sensing Analysis Laboratory (Oregon State Univ.)
ERSAR Earth Resources Synthetic Aperture Radar
ERSC Egyptian Remote Sensing Center
ERSP Epipolar Rectified Stereo Pair
ERTS Earth Resources Technology Satellite
ERSUN Environmental Remote Sensing Unit (British Aerospace Space Systems, Ltd.)
ESA Egyptian Survey Authority; European Space Agency; Earth Sciences Associates
ESC European Seismological Commission
ESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ESD Engineering Services Dept. (Qatar)
ESDA Earth Sciences Data Standards (council); Exploratory spatial data analysis
ESDD Earth Science Data Directory (USGS)
E.S.E. East-southeast
ESI EagleScan Inc.; Enironmental Sensitivity Index
ESIC Earth Science Information Center (USGS); Earth Sciences Information Centre (Canada)
ESIG Exemplary Systems in Government award (URISA)
ESIM Earth Science Information Manager
ESIN Earth Science Information Network
ESIO Earth Science Information Office
ESIS Earth Science Information System
ESL Electromagnetic Systems Laboratories, Inc.
ESMI European Spatial Metadata Infrastructure
ESR Engineering Surveys Reproduction Ltd.
ESRI Environmental Systems Research Inst., Inc.
ESSA Environmental Science Service Administration
ESSC Earth System Science Center (Pennsylvania State Univ.)
ESSI Earth Search Sciences Inc.
E. St. Eisenbahn Station = railway station
EST Eastern Standard Time
ES&T Environmental Science and Technology
ESV EarthSystemsVisualizer
ET Frame enclosed elevator with self-closing traps
ETF European Transfer Format
ETL Engineer Topographic Laboratories (USCE)
ETM Enhanced Thematic Mapper
ETM+ Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus
EU European Union
EUB Alberta Energy and Utilities Board
EUROGI European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information
EVO Ernst Volker (Oldenburg, Germany)
Ex. doc. Executive document

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F Fahrenheit; Flat
FA Fire alarm box
FAA Federal Aviation Administration (U.S.)
FAAT Fully Analytical Aerotriangulation
FAC Feature analysis code(s)
FACC Feature and Attribute Coding Catalog
FACE Field Ancillary Computer Effort
FACM Florida Assn. of Cadastral Mappers
FACS Feature Attribute Coding Standard; Feature Attribute Coding System
Fahrb. Fahrbahn = roadway
FAO Food and Agricultural Organization (United Nations)
FAQ Frequently Asked Question(s)
FARC Federal Archives and Record Center
FAST Faceted Application of Subject Terminology
Fb. Fabrik = Factory
FB Freytag-Berndt und Artaria
FBN Federal base network (U.S.)
FC Field component; Field completion
FCC False color composite; Federal Communications Commission (U.S.)
FCM Feature change map
FCT Forestry Commission Tasmania
FCW Federal Computer Week (journal)
FDDI Fiber Digital Data Interface
FDIS Formal Draft International Standard (ISO)
FDLP Federal Depository Library Program (US GPO)
FDLS Fiji Dept. of Lands and Survey
FDPP Framework Demonstration Projects Program (FGDC)
FE Feature extraction; Field engineer; Frame enclosed elevator
F.E. Forest Engineer
fe. Fecit (maker)
FEAT Alternate Feature Identification Code
fec. Fecit (maker)
FED Field-emission displays
FEE Feature Extraction Environment
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency (U.S.)
FEP Feature Extraction Processor
FES Feature Extraction Segment
FESWMS Finite Element Surface Water Model System
FEWS Feature Extraction Workstation
FGCC Federal Geodetic Control Committee (U.S.)
FGCS Federal Geodetic Control Subcommittee (U.S.)
FGDC Federal Geographic Data Committee (U.S.)
FGEF Federal Geographic Exchange Format (U.S.)
F.G.S. Fellow of the Geological Society
FGS Florida Geological Survey
FGT Federal Geographic Technology (U.S.)
FH Field headquarters
FHA Federal Highway Administration (U.S.)
FHWA Federal Highway Administration (U.S.)
FICCDC Federal Interagency Coordinating Committee on Digital Cartography (U.S.)
FIG Federation Internationale des Geom`etres = International Federation of Surveyors
FII Fundacion Instituto de Ingeneiria
FILS Federal Government Information Locator System
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard(s); Flagstaff Image Processing System
FIRM Flood Rate Insurance Map
FIRMS Flood Rate Insurance Maps
FL Florida; Focal length; Function libraries
Fla. Florida
FLHO Federal Lands Highway Office (U.S.)
FLIMAP Fast Laser Imaging Mapping and Profiling (system)
FLIR Forward-looking Infrared
FLL Waterfall
FLOPS Floating Point Operations per Second
FM Facilities management; Field manual
F.M. Field Marshall
FMC Federal Maritime Commission (U.S.)
FME Feature Manipulation Engine (Safe Software Inc.)
FMGIS Flight management geographic information system
FMLIS Federal Mineral Lands Information System
FMP Field Pack Mobile Professional (All Points Software)
FMS Facility Mapping Systems Inc.; Flight Managing System
FMS/AC Facility Mapping System for AutoCAD
FNESA Federation of New England Surveyors Assn.s
FO Field office
F.O. Field Officer; Foreign Office
FOC Full operational capability
FOGs Fiber Optic Gyros
FOM Field Operations Manual
FORTRAN Formula Translation (computer language)
FOUO For official use only
FOV Field of view
FPC Federal Power Commission; Federal Publishers Committee
FPT Full production training
FPU Floating point unit
FRA Federal Railroad Administration
FRAP Fire and Resource Assessment Program (Calif. Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection)
FRBR Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (IFLA)
FRC Federal Records Center (U.S.)
F.R.G.S. Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
FRM Farm
FRP Federal Radio-navigation Plan
F.R.S. Fellow of the Royal Society
FS Fire station; Forest Service (U.S.); Federal Survey Div. (Nigeria)
FSLUPC Federal/State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska
FSMS Florida Surveying and Mapping Society
FSO Field Support Office (U.S. Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories)
FSPLS Florida Society of Professional Land Surveyors
FSR Flight Summary Report
FSRAMIS Forest Service Range Management Information System
FT Field terminator
Fth. Fathom
FTL Future Temporal Logic
FTM Foiben Taosarintanin' i Madagasikara
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FU Field unit
Fur. Furlong
Fw. Fussweg = Footpath
FWPCA Federal Water Pollution Control Administration (U.S.)
FWS Fish and Wildlife Service (U.S.)
FZDS Flood Zone Determination Services

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G Geometry
G&M Geography and Map; geography and Map Div.
G&O Greenhorne & O'Mara Inc.
Ga. Georgia
GA Georgia; Geographic access; Geographical Association
GAC Geological Assn. of Canada; Global Area Composite; Geospatial Advisory Committee (USFS)
GAF Gesellschaft fur Angewandte Fernerkundung
GAP Gap Analysis Program (USNBS); Geographic Application Program
GAT Geography Assn. of Thailand
GB Gigabyte; Geologische Bundesanstalt (Austria)
GBA GeoBusiness Assn.; George Butler Associates, Inc.
GBf Guterbahnhof = freight depot
GBF Geographic Base File
GBI Green biomass index
GBIS Geo-Based Information System; Global Business Intelligence Solutions (IBM)
Gbo. Grabador = engraver
GBS Geograpic Base System
GCCS Global Command, Control System (USDMA)
GCDB Geographic Coordinate Data Base (U.S.)
GCDIS Global Change Data and Information System
GCG Geocartographics Subdivison (Canada)
GCHC Gulf Coast Hydroscience Center (U.S.)
GCLI GIS in Canadian Libraries Initiative
GCM General circulation model; Global climate model; General Command of Mapping (Turkey)
GCP Ground control point(s)
GCRA Geographic and Cartographic Research and Applications Section
GCRS Gulf Centre for Remote Sensing (Firm)
GCSS Global Combat Support System
GCT Greenwich Civil Time
GCTP General Coordinate Transformation Package (software); Geographic Coordinate Transformation Package (software)
GD Geologic Div. (USGS); Geospatial data; Graphic digitization
GDA Geographic Data Analysis System
GDC Geographic Data Council
GDD Graphics Data Display Manager; GIS Data Depot
GDDD Geographical Data Description Directory
GDE Graphic Developer's Engine (FCAD Software, Inc.)
GDF Geographic data file
GDHS Ground Data Handling System (GFSC)
GDM Geospatial data management
GDS Graphic Data Systems Corp; Grumman Data Systems; Geo-Data System; Geographic Data Service (U.S.)
GDT Geographic Data Technology Inc.
GDTA Groupement pour le Developpement de la Teledetection Aerospatiale (France)
GE General Electric; Geographic equivalent
GEBCO General bathymetric chart of the oceans = Carte generale bathymetrique des oceans
GEDS General Environmental Data Base System (Florida)
GEGMR General Establishment of Geology and Mineral Resources (Syria)
GEM Graphical Environment Manager
GEMS Global Environment Monitoring System
GEO Geospatial Metadata Application Profile (USA)
GEOBAL Servicio Geologico de Bolivia
GEO-CAT Geographic catalog of political and statistical areas
Geocorr Geographic Correspondence Engine
GEODESY Geospatial Data and Exploration System (Harvard Univ.)
Geog. Geography
Geol. Geology
GEOLAN Geological (survey) local area network
GEOREF Geological Reference (system)
GEOS Geodynamics Experimental Ocean Satellite
GEOSAT Geodesy Satellite
GEOSEC Geographic Security
GeoTMS Geographic Town Management System (Des Lauriers & Assoc. Inc.)
GEOZAVOD Zavod za Geoloska i Geofizicksa Istrazivanja (Yugoslavia)
Ges. Gesamt-
GES Geographic Entry System
gest. Gestechen = Engraved
gez. Gezeichnet = Designed
GFDL Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (U.S.)
GGBR Golden Gate Biosphere Reserve (Calif.)
GGMC Guyana Geology and Mines Commission
GGNRA Golden Gate National Recreation Area (Calif.)
GGRF Galileo Geodetic Reference Frame
GGS Georgia Geologic Survey
GGU Gronlands Geologiske Undersogelse
GI Geographic information
GIA Geographic information analysis; Geographic information and analysis; GPS International Assn.
GIAA Geometrics Industry Assn. of America
GIAC Geomatics Industry Assn. of Canada; Geographic Information Advisory Council (Kentucky)
GIAL Geographic Information and Analysis Laboratory (State Univ. of New York, Buffalo)
GIB Geographic Information Board (Florida); Geomagnetic Indices Bulletin; G.I. Barnett & Son
GICC Geographic Information Coordinating Committee (Colorado)
GICS Geographic Identification Code Scheme
GID Geodaetisk Institut (Denmark)
GIDW General inverse-distance weighted interpolation model
.GIF Graphics Interchange File; Graphics Interchange Format
GIG Geologic Inquiries Group
GILS Government Information Locator Service
GIMS Geographic Information Management Systems Committee (ASCM/ASPRS)
GIO Geographic Information Officer; Geograpic Investigations Office (USGS)
GIPS Generalized Image Processing Sytstem
GIRAS Geographic Information Retrieval and Analysis System (USGS)
GIS Geographic(al) information system(s); Geohydrologic Information System; Geoscience Information Society; Global Indexing System
GISCO Geographic Information System of the European Commission
GISDEX Federal Geographic Information and Spatial Data Exposition and Conference (U.S.)
GISIC Geographical Information Systems International Group
GISOM Generating Information and Scanning Ohio Maps (Ohio State Univ. Center for Mapping)
GISS Goddard Institude of Space Studies
GIST Geographic Information System for Transportation
GITA Geospatial Information & Technology Assn.
GIV Geologic Information Visualization (software)
GKP Geodeticky a Kartograficky Podnik v Praze
GKS Graphics Kernal System
Gl. Gleis
GLAB Bayerisches Geologisches Landesamt
GLAB-W Geologisches Landesamt Baden-Wurttemberg
GLAI Green leaf area index
GLAN-W Geologisches Landesamt Nordrhein-Westfalen
GLAS Geoscience Laser Altimeter System; Geologisches Landesamt des Saarlandes
GLAS-H Geologisches Landesamt Schleswig-Holstein
GLI Global Imager
GLIS Geographic Land Information System (USGS); Geographic and Land Information Society
GLM General linear model
GLO General Land Office (U.S.)
GLOBE Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment
GLONASS Global Orbiting Navigation Satellite System (Russia)
GLOSS Global Observation Surveillance System
GLR-P Geologisches Landesamt Rheinland-Pfalz
GLRS Geoscience Laser Ranging System
GM Geography and Map; Geologic map
GMAT Greenwich Mean Astronomical Time
GMD Geologisch Mijnbouwkundige Dienst van Suriname
GME Geohydrologic Map Editor
GML Geography Markup Language
GMR Government Micro Resources Inc.
GMS Geostationary meteorological satellite(s); Geographic Measurement Systems (Firm)

Ground Modeling Systems Inc.; Gandalf Mobile Systems Incorporated; GMSI Inc. is a firm (not an abbreviation)
GMT Greenwich Mean Time; Generic Mapping Tools
G.M.T. Giuseppi Maria Terreni
GN Grid north
GNC Geologic Names Committee; Global navigation chart
GNIS Geographic Names Information System (U.S.)
GNMP Gettysburg National Military Park
GNS GEOnet Names Server (USNIMA)
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System
GNU Geologic Names Unit (USGS)
GNULEX Geologic Names Unit Lexicon (USGS)
GO Geometric Operations
G&O Greenhorne & O'Mara, Inc.
GODORT Government Documents Round Table (ALA)
GOES Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (NASA)
GOME Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment
GOMS Geostationary Operational Meteorological Satellite(s)
Gov. Governor
Gov. Gen. Governor General
GP Graphic production; Graphics processor; Geography Program (USGS)
GPF Geospatial Prototype Facility
GPG Graphic Product Generation
GPH Geological Publishing House (China)
GPI Graphics Programming Interface
GPIP General Purpose Image Processor
GPM Gestalt Photo Mapper
GP.MC Geoprocessing Map Call
GP.MCD Geoprocessing Map Call Deamon program
GPO Government Printing Office
GPOS Government Printing Office Style Manual
GPPU Graphic Polygon Processing Utilities
GPR Ground-Penetrating Radar
GPS Global positioning system(s)
GPSDR Global positioning system demonstration receiver
GPSIC Global Positioning System Information Center (U.S. Coast Guard); GPS Industry Council
GPST Global positioning system time
GQ Geologic quadrangle
GQL Graphical Query Language
gr. gross
Gr. Grosse
GRAMPS Graphic Map Production System
GRASS Geographic Resource Analysis Support System
GRB Government Records Branch (Library and Archives of Canada; National Archives of Canada)
GRC Generation of reproducible copy; Geoscience Research Corp.
GRD Ground Resolved Distance
GRDL Geodetic Research and Development Laboratory
GRF-N Geographic Reference File-Names
GRIDS Grid Referenced Information Display System; Gridded Resource Inventory Data System
GRS Geodetic Reference System
GRS 80 Geodetic Reference System of 1980
GRSU Geography Remote Sensing Unit (Univ. of California, Santa Barbara)
GS Geological Survey (U.S.); Gray scale
GSA General Services Administration (U.S.); Geological Society of America; Geological Survey of Alabama
GSC Geological Survey of Canada; Geographic Systems Corp.; Geotronics Service Center; Geocode Service Center (HUD)
GSD Ground sample distance; Geological Survey Dept. (Malawi); Geological Survey Div. (Jamaica); Geodetic Survey Div. (Natural Resources Canada)
GSDI Global Spatial Data Infrastructure
GSDM Global Spatial Data Model
GSDS Global spatial data system
GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA)
GSGS Geographical Section, General Staff (U.K.)
GSHAP Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program
GSI Geodetic Survey Inst. (Japan); Geophysical Services Inc.; Geological Survey of India; Geological Survey of Iran; Geolical Survey Inst. (Japan); Geological Survey of Ireland
GSJ Geological Survey of Japan
GSK Geological Survey of Kenya
GSL Geographic Sciences Laboratory (USCE)
GSM Graphic Standard Metafile
GSMD Geological Survey and Mines Dept. (Swaziland)
GSN Geological Survey of Namibia
GSNI Geological Survey of Northern Ireland
GSP Geological Survey of Pakistan; Geographical statistics program
GSPB Geodetic Satellite Policy Board
GSPNG Geological Survey Papua New Guinea
GSRC Geological Survey Research Committee
GSS Geographic support system
GSSA Geological Survey South Africa
GST Galileo System Time
GSTC Geospatial Service and Technology Center (USFS)
GSW Geological Survey of Wyoming
GSWA Geological Survey of Western Australia
GSZ Geological Survey of Zambia
GT Geometry and topology; Greater than; Geologian Tutkimuskeskus = Geological Survey of Finland
G.T. Gas tank
GTE Greater than or equal
GTI GIS Technology Inc.
GTS GPS Timing Simulator (NovAtel Inc.); Great Trigonometrical Survey of India
GTUB Geographic tabulation unit base
GU Government unit; Guam
GUDS Geologicky ustav Dionyz Stur
GUGK Glavnoe Upravlenie Geodezii i Kartografii (USSR)
GUGKK Glavno Upravlenie po Geodezia I Kartografia y Kadaster (Bulgaria)
GUI Graphical User Interface
GUID Globally unique identifier
GUNI Goteborgs Universitet Naturgeografiska Institutionen
GUNO Glavnoe Upravlenie Navigatsii i Okeanografii (USSR)
GVF Goodness of variance fit
GVI Green vegetation index
GVis Geographic Visualization
GVIS Geographic Visualization
GW Gas well (natural); Ground water
GWE Global Weather Experiment
GWEN Ground Wave Emergency Network (U.S.)
GWSI Groundwater site inventory

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h. hoch = high
H. Hohe = height
ha. Hectare; Hektar
HA Hydrologic Atlas
HABS Historic American Buildings Survey
HAC Harbor and Approach Chart
HALS Hawaii Assn. of Land Surveyors
HARN High-Accuracy Reference Network (U.S.)
Hauptm. Hauptmann = Captain
Hbf Hauptbahnhof = main railway station
HBCA Hudson Bay Company Archives
HBF Herbert Bismarck Foster
HBM Hydrologic bench mark
HBMN Hydrologic Bench Mark Network
HC Hard copy
HCC Heat Capacity Mapping Mission
HCDN Hydroclimate Data Network
HCMM Heat-capacity Mapping Mission
HCMR Heat-capacity Mapping Radiometer
HCRS Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service (U.S.)
HD Hydrographic Dept. (Great Britain)
HDDT High-Density Digital Tape
HDLD Headland
HDOP Horizontal Dilution of Precision
HDT High density tape
HDT-A High density tape (not geometrically corrected)
HDTR High density tape recorder
HDTV High-definition television
HEIRS Historic Environmental Reporting System (IAO)
Herst. Herstellung
HE/S Hardcopy Exploitation Segment
HF High frequency
HFA Hydrologic field assistant
Hfn Hafen = port, harbor
Hgbf Hauptgueterbahnhof
HGCSD Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District (U.S.)
.HGL Newlett-Packard Graphics Language format
HGML Hyper Graphic Markup Language
HGS Halliburton Geophysical Services
HHG Household goods (Rand McNally MileMaker)
HI Hawaii
HIA Hydrologic Investigations Atlas
HIF Hydrologic Instrumentation Facility
Hind. Hindustan
HIRAN High Range Navigation
HIRS High-resolution Infrared Sounder
HIS Hydrologic Information System
HISS Heritage Information Statistical System
HIT Horizons Technolgy Inc.
HIU Hydrologic Information Unit
HJW Hammon, Jensen, Wallen & Associates; HJW GeoSpatial, Inc.
HKGA Hong Kong Geographical Assn.
HLAB Hessisches Landesamt fur Bodenforschung
HLfB Hessisches Landesamt fur Bodenforschung
HLL Hill
HLLS Hills
HLR High level radiation; High level radioactivity
HLRS Highway Location Reference Standard
HLS Hue, lightness and saturation
HLVA Hessisches Landesvermessungsamt
HLW High level waste (radioactivity)
Hm. Bgs. Hermann Berghaus
HMCK Hummock
HMGS Hellenic Military Geographical Service
HMSO Her/His Majesty's Stationery Office (Great Britain)
H.O. Hochofen = blast furnace
HOM Hotine oblique Mercator
Hon. Honorable
Hp Haltepunkt = stopping place
HP Hewlett-Packard (corp.)
HPFS High pressure fire service
HPGL Hewlett Packard Graphics Language
HPGN High-Precision Geodetic Network
HPP High Precision Photogrammetry
HPRASA High Plains Regional Aquifer System
HQ Headquarters
HR House of Representatives
HRB Highway Research Board
HRD High-resolution data
HRDB High-resolution Data Base
HRDI High-resolution Doppler Imager
HRFRS High-resolution Film Recorder Subsystem
HRGA High Rate Geographical Areas
HRIR High-resolution Infrared Radiometer
Hrm. Bghs. Hermann Berghaus
HRMSI High Resolution Multispectral Stereo Imager
HRV High Resolution Visible
HRVIR High Resolution Visible Infrared (scanner)
HS High school
H.S. H. Schleifmann
HSDL High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
HSGT Hitachi Software Global Technology, Ltd.
HSI Horizontal Situation Indicator; Habitat Suitability Index
H. St. Eisenbahn Haltstelle = railway stop
HTC Hydrographic Topographic Center (USDMA)
H., T.C. Thomas Campanius Holm
HTDP Horizontal Time-Dependent Positioning
HTI Horizons Technology, Inc.
HTML Hypertext (or HyperText) Markup Language
HUA Hydrologic Unit Area
HUC Hydrologic Unit Code
HUD Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (U.S.)
Hund. Hundred
H.W. Hochwasser
H/W Hardware

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