Pléiades 50cm Global High-Resolution Satellite Imagery


Pléiades 1A and 1B are the newest high-res optical imaging satellites, operating as a constellation in the same orbit, phase 180° apart. Pléiades 1A was launched on December 17, 2011, 1B on December 2, 2012 – both from Sinnamary, French Guiana. Each satellite has a maximum acquisition capacity of 1 million sq. km per day and has exceptional agility to maximize acquisitions of a specific area of interest using 5 acquisition modes: Target, Strip Mapping, Tristereo, Corridor and Persistent Surveillance.

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Pléiades Satellite Specifications
  Panchromatic Multispectral
Spectral Range 480-830 nm 430–550 nm (blue)
490–610 nm (green)
510–580 nm (green)
600–720 nm (red)
750–-950nm (near-infrared)
Products Colour: 50cm (merge) Bundle: 50cm Panchromatic; 2m Multispectral
Accuracy 4.5m – 10m CE 90 (exclusive of terrain displacement) with refined altitude data without Ground Control Points (GCP's)
Swath Width 20km (single pass mosaics up to 100km x 100km)
Dynamic Range 12-bits per pixel
Revisit Rate Daily
Altitude 694km
Orbit Sun-synchronous
Stereo Pléiades-1 is the first high resolution satellite to commercially offer Tristereo capability


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Pléiades-1 satellite image - Paris
Eiffel Tower - Paris, France image collected by the Pléiades-1 satellite on January 27, 2012.    Courtesy of Airbus

Pléiade high resolution satellite imagery West Kowloon - Hong Kong
West Kowloon - Hong Kong imagery collected by the Pléiades satellite on February 1, 2012.    Courtesy of Airbus

Pléiades high resolution satellite image - Ting Kau Bridge - Hong Kong
Ting Kau Bridge - Hong Kong imagery collected by the Pléiades satellite on February 1, 2012.    Courtesy of Airbus

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