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International Digital Map Pricing


Please find below pricing for our international digital map products: DRGs (Digital Raster Graphics -- scanned topographic maps with geo-referencing), 3d Vector Contours, DEMs (Digital Elevation Models), LU/LC (Land Use/Land Class, a.k.a. "clutter"), Road Vectors, Hydrology and other vector layers (contact us for products not listed -- custom quotation provided upon request).

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INTERNATIONAL Digital Map Products

Product Description Price per Map Sheet
400 dpi DRG (Digital Raster Graphic), Full or Cropped, New Production $99
400 dpi DRG (Digital Raster Graphic), Full or Cropped, From Archive
(click here for a PDF listing of archived data)
Digital Elevation Model (DEM), 10 - 90 meter (<1 - 3-arc second) resolution, seamed,
edge- matched, RMSE-tested
3D Vector Contours (add $99 per map sheet for edge-matching) $449
Vectorization of any "major" feature (roads, water), 1 layer $249
Vectorization of any "minor" feature, 1 layer $149
Full Vectorization Except Contours -- up to 8 features, 8 layers (except contours) $549
Full Vectorization Including Contours -- up to 9 features, 9 layers (including contours) $799

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