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USA Digital Map Pricing


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New Production of USA DEMs, Vector Contours and Custom Vector Layers
(custom produced from paper maps or mylars, guaranteed quality, end-user choice of projection and file format)

Product Description Price per map sheet
USA DEMs, 10-meter - 30m resolution (1 arc-second), seamed, edge-matched and RMSE-tested $299
3D Vector Contours (add $99 per map sheet for edge-matching) $299
Vectorization of any "major" feature (roads, water), 1 layer $199
Vectorization of any "minor" feature, 1 layer $99
Full Vectorization Except Contours -- up to 8 features, 8 layers (except contours) $549
Full Vectorization Including Contours -- up to 9 features, 9 layers (including contours) $799

Custom Scanning and Geo-Referencing of USGS Topographic Maps
(up to 500 dpi, 4-bit (16 colors), 8-bit (256 colors) or 24-bit RGB)

Product Description Price per map sheet
400 dpi color scanning and geo-referencing, < 6 maps $49
400 dpi color scanning and geo-referencing, 6 - 20 maps $42
400 dpi color scanning and geo-referencing, 21 - 99 maps $35
400 dpi color scanning and geo-referencing, > 100 maps $30

USA Off-the-Shelf DRG Pricing
(250 dpi seamless color scans of USGS topographic maps)

Product Description Price
1 degree x 1 degree block (generally 64 24k map sheets, 2 100k sheets and 1 250k sheet, except for blocks containing water, Canada or Mexico). Minimum order = 3 blocks $99
Any US County - 1:24,000 Scale (All Counties - same flat $299 price!) $299
Individual map sheets (20k - 250k) $29 per map sheet
State Series - all 1:20,000 - 1:250,000 sheets $0.99 per map (state table)
Full-country coverage (continental US, AK, HI, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Pacific Territories) $29,995

USA Off-the-Shelf DEMS (Digital Elevation Models)
(NED: Best-available USGS DEMs integrated into a consistent terrain database with enhanced processing: filtering, seaming and edge-matching)

Product Description Price per map sheet
1 arc (30m) USA NED (National Elevation Dataset) DEM of the lower 48 states, Puerto Rico and Hawaii
(Alaska = 60m / 2 arc seconds)
contact us
1/3 arc (10m) USA NED (National Elevation Dataset), near-full coverage DEM of the conterminous US
(lower 48 states)
contact us
1 arc (30m) SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) coverage of the US (does not cover Alaska north of 60 degrees latitude) contact us

90m DEMs = $295 per State, or $2,995 for full-coverage of the lower-48

* All pricing = single-license, contact us for multi-license pricing.

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