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APRIL 2016

LAND INFO is pleased to share highlights of global, digital mapping and satellite imaging news.

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After a ~ 15 year wait the global (all land areas between 60° north and 56° south latitude) SRTM digital elevation model (DEM) coverage has been released at 1 arc second (30 meter) resolution. LAND INFO has this data available for immediate delivery on plug & play USB 3.0 external hard drive in your choice of any industry standard format.  Also available is the newest 10 meter DEM of the USA, 3DEP (3D Elevation Program), formerly called NED (National Elevation Dataset), and 5 meter airborne radar-derived DEMs for portions of Alaska.

Airbus WorldDEM (12m resolution, vertical accuracy: 2m relative, 4m absolute) now available nearly worldwide (New Zealand, Antarctica & small islands still processing); in addition DTM pricing has been reduced.

LAND INFO is now offering new 50cm and 10m DSM options with 3m absolute accuracy that are designed to cost-effectively cover large areas.

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Vector (Esri .shp and other CAD/GIS formats) datasets are available of numerous countries including Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cuba, Iran, Mexico and the UAE. Contact us for availability of other countries.

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Digital topographic maps available for every country of the world. Recently-added country sets that have been especially popular include:

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New lower-pricing for WorldView-3 30cm and SWIR (Short Wave Infra-Red) - contact us for samples.

WorldView-4 (formerly GeoEye-2) launch expected ~ September, 2016. The satellite will offer greater commercial access to 30cm pan/1.2m 4-band MS imagery. BASEMAP + VIVID off-shelf DigitalGlobe ortho mosaic coverage now covers all of Africa and Australia, plus numerous countries in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia.

PlanetLabs acquires BlackBridge (RapidEye), expects to have 100 Dove SmallSats (4m 4-band MS) operational in the next 12 months. New RapidEye virtually cloud-free mosaics including Colombia and Alaska add to growing collection that includes several countries in Africa, Asia & the Middle East.

ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer) imagery is now available free of charge!  Collected over 16 years, the current coverage of 2.95 million scenes is a valuable archive of 15 – 90m resolution data (including stereo coverage) for over 99% of the Earth’s landmass.

TripleSat 1m pan/4m 4-band MS constellation operational.

KOMPSAT-3A approaches 50cm resolution, uniquely collects at 14-bit in early afternoon (all other commercial high-res imaging satellites collect late morning.)

Google changes name of Skybox to Terra Bella, plans to put more than a dozen new satellites into orbit over the next 19 months.

Sentinel-2A launched June 23, 2015; Sentinel 2-B expected to follow the second half of 2016. The constellation’s Multispectral imager (MSI) covers 13 spectral bands (443 nm–2190 nm) with a swath width of 290 km at the following resolutions:
10 m (4 visible and near-infrared bands)
20 m (6 red-edge/shortwave-infrared bands)
60 m (3 atmospheric correction bands)

Lower-resolution but larger-area coverage and multi-instrument Sentinel-3A launched January 16, 2016, Sentinel-3B expected to be launched in 2017. 

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the European Space Agency (ESA) established a partnership to enable USGS storage and redistribution of Earth observation data acquired by Sentinel and other Copernicus program satellites.  Highly complementary to Landsat, Sentinel-2 imagery will ultimately be able to be downloaded from the familiar USGS EarthExplorer. On its own Sentinel-2A provides 10-day repeat coverage; coupled with the 8-day coverage from Landsat 7 and 8 better than weekly moderate resolution coverage is now possible and would further improve with Sentinel 2-B.

Decommissioned Satellites:
After remarkable runs the QuickBird, IKONOS and SPOT-5 satellites have all been decommissioned.  Imagery is still available from archive, and SPOT now offers simplified per sq. km. pricing and an improved academic discount.

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LAND INFO now offers a more robust collection of 6 to 12-inch (15-30cm) resolution aerial photography covering all of the lower-48 United States and much of Western Europe, including the ability to purchase most imagery from NAIP flights at dramatically higher 30cm resolution. Please send your AOI for a search on best-available resolution/vintage. Custom collects are also available.

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High-profile GIS departments in industry, defense and NGOs call on LAND INFO to create new content through feature extraction and object-based image analysis (OBIA). Recently complete projects include extraction of building foot-prints, roads, trees, agriculture and mapping of roof material-types & land-use/land-cover. Please contact us with your project requirements.

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On behalf of LAND INFO, we look forward to meeting your imagery and map data needs.

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