WorldView-1 High-Resolution Satellite Imagery


WorldView-1 (a Panchromatic only satellite) was launched on September 18, 2007 from Vandenburg Air Force Base in California. WorldView-1 was the first satellite in the “next generation” of satellites to be added to the DigitalGlobe constellation of satellites. WorldView-1 is capable of collecting up to 750,000 square kilometers (290,000 square miles) per day of half-meter imagery.

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WorldView-1 Satellite Specifications
Imaging Mode Panchromatic
Sensor Resolution .50 meter GSD at Nadir
0.59 meters GSD at 25° off-nadir
Spectral Range 400-900 nm
Swath Width 17.6 km at nadir
Off-Nadir Imaging 0-30 degrees off-nadir
Higher angles selectively available
Dynamic Range 11-bits per pixel
Mission Life Expected end of life 2018
Revisit Time 1.7 days at 1 meter GSD or less
4.6 days at 25° off-nadir or less (0.59 meter GSD)
Orbital Altitude 496 km
Nodal Crossing 10:30 am

WorldView-1 Satellite image of Hoover Dam - Nevada, USA
Hoover Dam - Nevada, USA collected by the WorldView-1 satellite. Courtesy DigitalGlobe

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